4 Interesting Ways Of Using Your Baby Stroller

4 Interesting Ways Of Using Your Baby Stroller   A stroller is considered a must have for every mom the minute she steps into motherhood. Whether it’s a short trip to the neighbourhood, an evening walk, shopping spree in a mall or a travel expedition, a stroller does an excellent job of taking the load off your shoulder and making it much easier for you to carry your baby around. Perhaps, it is one of the best ways after the baby carrier, to keep your baby close to you without exhausting … [Read more...]

6 Popular Home Remedies For Handling Diaper Rash

  6 Popular Home Remedies for Handling Diaper Rash   Diaper or nappy rash is one of the most annoying things that often a first time mom has to battle with. And no matter what you do or how much care you take, you would have to face it at least once in early years of your baby’s life. So, instead of feeling guilty about it just be ready with the methods that can help you prevent the rashes as soon as they raise their ugly heads :-D A diaper rash is usually caused due to the … [Read more...]

5 Best Friends For New Moms

5 best friends for new moms:- Manual Breast pumps: At times mothers may need an alternate solution to breast feeding. This may happen in cases like premature deliveries, working mothers, medical issues such as sore nipples mastitis, Breast engorgement. But when buying breast pumps, do make sure that these pumps are BISPHENAL A(BPA)free so that they are safe. Also, if possible, choose Silicon Diaphragm for pain free expression of breast milk. Anti-colic feeding bottles:- No one knows for … [Read more...]

Five Major Issues New Mothers Need To Handle-

Five Major Issues New Mothers Need To Handle- Pregnancy brings along new challenges and it is like nothing prepares you for it in spite of the tonnes of advices you get from your closed ones! It is something with you are undergoing and yourself need to find out a way to deal with it. I read somewhere that in pregnancy on the road to Motherhood is just like walking in a dark room with no light. You keep walking carefully without tripping until you reach where there is a small ray of light. That … [Read more...]

Tips To Keep Your Child’s Teeth Healthy

Tips To Keep Your Child's Teeth Healthy Parents often complain about there babies bad dental health and problematic gums as a result of ignorance of the correct way to ensure that the child's teeth remain healthy & strong right from childhood. It is important for new parents to understand the importance of healthy teeth in the overall healthy being of their baby. Dental care for babies starts before the appearance of the first tooth in babies and continues till all the temporary teeth … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Pregnancy Stretch Marks?

How To Deal With Pregnancy Stretch Marks? Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in a woman's body along with mental & physical changes. As the baby bump grows bigger there is lot of stretching of the skin  and probably this is the first thing which doesn't goes away easily after baby is born. Stretch marks have been associated with pregnancy just as feeding & diapering is related to it! Stretch marks are basically skin lines which appear when the skin flexibility is not in … [Read more...]

Must Know Tips For Performing Mundan Ceremony Of A Baby

Must Know Tips For Performing Mundan Ceremony Talking about the Hindu traditions there are Basic Sanskaars which revolve round the life of an infant as he/she takes birth. From offering the first food to baby to the Mundan ceremony all of these are the Sanskaars or traditional practices followed in Hindu religion. This ritual or removing all the hair from the babies scalp which has been retained since birth is known as Mundan and it exists in Muslims as well as Sikhs. This ceremony is done when … [Read more...]

Paneer Bread Pakora Recipe For Kids

Paneer Bread Pakora Recipe   Hello Mommies Today I wanted to share the recipe of a quick and delicious snack which I made for my daughter. With the rains pouring occasionally , this snack tastes even better. I will share the recipe of Paneer Bread Pakora today. It is easy to make and is prepared quickly. I like to stuff it with Paneer to make it appealing to my girl's taste buds. Lets look at the main ingredients for this snack.   Main Ingredients- Bread slices … [Read more...]

Travel Experience With My 8 Month Old In Langkawi

Travel Experience with My 8 Month Old in Langkawi   My first trip after delivery was with my hubby and our 8-month old baby, for three days to Langkawi. The packing looked like we were off for three or more weeks. The bags were filled with baby food, baby stroller, baby bottles and favourite toys along with lots of diapers. The only thing left to be packed was our nanny because my husband wanted to keep the trip restricted to family members only. Since my baby was still less than a year … [Read more...]