Things To Keep In Mind While Massaging Your Baby

Things To Keep In Mind While Massaging Your Baby Massaging is a very important aspect of your child’s growth and development into a healthy human being. It should start as early as possible and should continue until your kid is 5-6 years. This ensures his bones and muscles are developed in the righteous manner and his body is flexible. It also promotes immunity development in the body with right and growing hormones required for complete growth. There are a lot of things one must remember … [Read more...]

My Battle with Pregnancy Acne

Hi all, The “pregnancy glow” has been rather elusive in my case. When I discovered I was pregnant,I was put on progesterone support pills as some of my hormone levels did not seem right for the stage of pregnancy I was at. It was discovered at a sonography later that the reason why my levels were so screwed up was because of my irregular period cycle. At my 8 week sonography,it was discovered that I am actually just 5 weeks pregnant!! Sounds convoluted?? Well,blame it on homones. By then ,my … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Preconception Checklist

 Preconception Checklist  I know , I know! This is a baby blog. But, how does one maximize their chances of making a baby.. This a hitherto untouched topic on this blog and I thought let me add my two cents on what is right and wrong during the preconception stage. Get your blood work done: With today's modern lifestyle there are a host of diseases which most of us are not even aware of? Get your PCOS profiling,Rubella Antigen test and a general screening of any thyroid, hormonal … [Read more...]