Chicken Soup For Babies With Cold

If winter comes, can sneezing & coughing be far behind? Hah ha.... no Shelley like poetic thought, rather as we gear up for an extreme winter, my mommy-mind gets a baby-food thought to fight cold in the wintry weather ahead. In this weather changing months of Oct-Nov, my 19 month old daughter has already caught cold. She feels so helpless with irritating stuffy nose! In addition to trying all those ‘gharelu nuska’ of hot oil massages, nasal drops, Tulsi Patta mixed boiled warm water etc, i … [Read more...]

Capsicum Tomato Salsa Recipe – One Year Old Food Ideas

Baby Food Ideas Being mother of a toddler, i often find it difficult to make my baby eat foods that i regularly prepare for her. At times she just won’t eat anything – pushing me to the brink of an utter frustration. I think the story is not different with other mommies also, especially those who are vegetarians. It is true, non-veggies always enjoy better food options for their babies – but the challenge of making a toddler eat home-cooked food is more or less same with almost all mothers. In … [Read more...]

Baby Soup Ideas – Chickpea Tomato Soup For Babies

Baby Soup For Babies  Chickpea is one of the best food for babies. Chickpeas can be introduced to babies between 6-8months of age. They are packed with proteins and a rich source of zinc, magnesium, folate, iron and fibre. But doctors say tomatoes should be introduced to babies after 9-10 months of age as tomatoes are acidic which irritates the immature digestive track of babies. Whenever iam cooking chickpea curry for family ( that is after boiling the chickpeas) i make sure to keep half a cup … [Read more...]

Baby Food: Oats and Apple Pie Recipe

We all are aware of the health benefits of oats but my little 19 months old daughter doesn’t! Oats are whole grain packed with soluble fibre, B vitamins and many minerals. Also, plain oats doesn’t tastes delicious so i had to do some twist in it for her. Usually oats can be given to baby after 6 months of age. The basic oatmeal porridge is prepared by boiling oats with either water or milk to form a smooth texture but here i have added a little flavour of apple and cinnamon for my … [Read more...]

Flavored Cornflakes For Baby’s Breakfast

 Sometime I feel, one day I will be a PhD holder in baby food research work! My 18 months old daughter Raima is such a picky eater that if I repeat her breakfast the other day she will simply turn her head side by side and say "na-na".....The problem I face is Raima still has just 2 bottom teeth and 2 upper teeth, she cuts food stuff well but lacks the art of chewing food to swallow-able texture through gums. So I make sure her every meal is soft or coarse paste at least. If your baby has more … [Read more...]