Know More: Pre-eclampsia & Eclampsia

Recently I went to the gynac with a Preggie friend of mine and in passing she happened to mention she'd been having headaches and lower back pains in her 3rd month itself. The gynac immediately checked her BP and her hands and legs for any swelling. After doing that, she happened to mention that, “It's all normal, not to worry, there's no Pre-eclampsia.' Both of us were googly eyed since we'd never heard of this term before so we asked the gynac and she gave us a short description about it. … [Read more...]

Thyroid – The Mystery unravelled

Hi Girls,In my previous post, I explained about how I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, the symptoms and the mental trauma attached to it. But I do feel that a lot of the trauma comes from being unaware....unaware of what the ailment is all about, how you can fight it/ or even live with it and how not it let it ruin your mental peace.After I came to know about my Hypothyroidism, I moped around for a long time before my Dad told me to read and study more about it instead of whining. He decided … [Read more...]

Farlin Safety Cotton Buds for Babies Review – Cleaning Baby Ears

Farlin Safety Cotton Buds - Cleaning Baby Ears Having your 1st baby comes with a chunk of all new firsts na? The first time you cut your babies nails, the first time you clean their potty  (Sorry, i just had to include that), the first time you bathe them and even the first time you clean their ears. We clean our own ears so frequently that it never seems to be a great task to clean your babies...that is until you have a hyper-wriggly baby in your lap and have no idea how to clean their ear … [Read more...]

Hopscotch Baby Clothes :Winterwear And Accessories & Website Review

Hopscotch Baby Clothes I've gone off the deep end...seriously! Ever since I discovered the world of baby clothes I've gone bonkers. I keep buying things for it clothes or accessories or bath stuff, I can't seem to resist. As a result, her wardrobe has become larger than mine and I have no doubt that in a few months 'll have to shift my clothes to her small cupboard and give her mine ;) The one online store which has played a huge part in my daughters ever-growing wardrobe is … [Read more...]

Farlin Free-Drop Powder Puff Review

Farlin Free-Drop Powder Puff I have always been allergic to talcum powder and after reading about hoe it could be harmful to babies, I'd decided not to use any on my daughter. I succeeded for a long time despite questions from a ton of relatives.   About Farlin Free Drop Powder Puff Farlin Free Drop Powder Puff is specially designed for your little one?s delicate skin with soft puff, to apply the powder evenly. Features: Provides continuous puffing Easy to control the … [Read more...]

Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream Review

Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream  When my daughter was 3 weeks old, the Pediatrician advised us to switch to diapers since she urinated quite frequently (about thrice an hour) and hence couldn't sleep well. I started using Pampers Active then and picked up this diaper rash cream then itself to use along with it. About Sebamed Diaper Rash Cream Prevention and rapid relief of diaper dermatitis, protection against aggressive substances which could cause an inflammation of baby's delicate skin. … [Read more...]

Farlin Baby Feeding Bottle Wash Review

Farlin Baby Feeding Bottle Wash By now most of you know that my baby has always been on formula right from the beginning. A major concern with bottles is infections and sterilization and I was similarly worried. After a market hunt, I zeroed in on Farlin Bottle Wash. I've been using it continuously since 6mts and been long due for this review. About Farlin Baby Feeding Bottle Wash:- Formulated with food-grade natural plants which is mild and non-irritable so prevents chapping of … [Read more...]

Love at first sight? Not necessarily..

Did you also imagine that magical moment when you'd hold your baby for the very first time in your arms, cuddle him or her and feel that rush of love and feel all glowly and fullfilled at that very moment? Yes? Ok, Then have some of you had that moment when you delivered your bundle of joy, had him/her plonked in your arms, looked at that tiny face and not felt much? Did that confuse you? Did you feel guilty for not feeling anything? Well worry not and guess what...It's … [Read more...]

Mastela Medicine Dispenser Review

Medicine Dispenser I never thought it would be so hard to give medicines to an infant. I remember as a toddler I'd make my Dad run all around the house to give me meds and he did it happily with a smile on his face (my Moms was the opposite..I got many a whacking from her) So from the moment Pravi was born and we were asked to give her Calcium and Iron supplements daily, I was puzzled as to how to administer them. Giving them to her by spoon meant her bringing it back up in fountain mode and I … [Read more...]

7 Fun & Innovative Buys for your Baby

Baby stuff isn't boring and straight-forward anymore. I was browsing online and came so many new and fun items to buy for babies that I simply had to show them to you.. 1. The 1st Step Soft Squeeze Food- Feeder: Perfect to introduce semi solids to your baby while eliminating the chances of messes. Perfect for feeding your baby while travelling too. I've purchased one of these for my baby too. Have you tried this? Price: INR 295 2. Chicco Duckling Plate: Perfect to simulate eating like … [Read more...]