Body Image Issues After Having A Baby

I never had a perfect figure body which I could boast about but it indeed wasn’t bad either. I never had loose skin on my tummy and on the whole I could wear anything which I wish of, after some trial. I did struggle a bit to conceive which made me gain two kgs and in total I had put on some additional 14kgs during my pregnancy. I had a happy pregnancy, if I leave those horrible migraines, which I had to deal all alone in a different city during my first trimester.


My first pic was taken when I was six month post partum and second after eight month post partum

I had a C section and looked bad and moreover I had heard that because of C section, one can not lose weight easily. I hated looking at myself. The best thing which I always used to be happy about ‘of not gaining weight on my stomach area’, was also gone. It was disheartening to see my tummy bulging out and I looked so huge in front of my husband. First time in my life I had this feeling that I might not look attractive to my husband who has always loved me and admired me selflessly. I even thought what if I look so unattractive that he starts thinking of other girls around. I am being really honest here, these were the things which did come across my mind.

Also, I exclusively breastfed my baby for five months and then started with few other thing but sadly it never worked for me. When my baby was five months old, I joined gym and worked out there regularly for one and half hours but my weight was intact. Mind you I had given up rice, paratha, icecreams etc etc but it still didn’t help. It was tough juggling between a baby, work, family, house management(my in-laws live far from us). When you like yourself,Β you believe in doing everything but when you doubt yourself you don’t take interest in other things as well. Somehow it works that way for me .If I am happy I can do tonnes of work but if sad I will be lazy going to the loo as well.


Above is my picture taken in May 2013 and I have lost around two kg more after switching to wheat belly diet.I will be showing my latest picture soon to you guys, probably after my daughter’s birthday πŸ™‚

I wonder how Aishwarya managed to take so much criticism Β for two years and then lost weight but I am glad she has managed to shut people’s mouth now.

The thing is, your body will not be the same after having a baby. Most of us will have stretch marks – albeit they looked horrible initially but now they have faded down and don’t look that bad at all. I remember dumping all my clothes into a box thinking they will never be of use to me but the good part is after eleven months I am thinking of taking them out because I am fitting into my new clothes.

What made me lose weight :-

I followed a diet where I was not eating roti but good carbs like ragi, lot of dals, khichdi, soups , eggs every day.That diet made me lose 5-6 kgs but then again my weight got stuck. I continued for two months more but my weight didn’t budge so I left the diet and move to wheat belly diet. After following that diet I have lost 3kg more. I am so so happy after following wheat belly because I can eat as much as I want with no control over quantity – that is what I was missing. “Just eat one slice, two spoons etc etc” never gave me that Β kind of satisfaction and I was always low on energy.Now I am much better with energy, my hair have grown longer and yes no quantity control. Just eat as much you want leaving beside carbs. You can read about wheat belly diet on Tanveer’s blog here. I always thought that wheat belly is not practical but on the contrary i think its the easiest diet I have followed till date.

I have PCOS and my hormones keep dancing around. They refuse to make me lose weight easily and this diet is giving me one wonderful gift and that is I never gain my weight back even when i don excercise for 15-20 days which was always the case before.If I didn’t exercise before my weight will shoot up by a kg or so or even more.

I have literally struggled hard with my weight after my pregnancy but now I am quite confident.I am back to my pre pregnancy weight and there is quite a bit of bulge around my tummy but I guess I need just 4-5 kgs more and that will be it.

My advise for new moms will be – I know you don’t have time.You will never have time after you become a mom but respect your body and give good importance to it .If you are trying hard to lose weight then follow good diets – they do work.You got to chose between paratha and a good figure.I chose the good figure but please don’t expect to get back into shape with in just 2-3 months. It took you nine months to have a baby so give atleast nine months to your body as well to get back into shape. But please put some effort. Don’t think that you will lose weight easily. If you can then you are lucky. I never had those lucky genes unfortunately.Also, don’t delay too much.You can lose the maximum in the first year after that it will be difficult but yes not impossible.

Also, stretch marks will be there but they will eventually fade out .Also, if you were 32 B before and now 36 or 38 D whatever don’t worry with weight loss you will get in shape but yes it may not be the same ever .Love and believe in yourself and be disciplined.Also, now we have a mom body so its kind a OK πŸ™‚

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  1. what an honest and great post. I have also slacked down – need to buck up!

  2. How much weight have you lost Yuvika.I am sure you must have lost a lot because like India there is less help around in India

  3. Navneet Thethi says:

    Great post Ana. loved reading it

  4. Lil Anvika will be proud to have such a beautiful mom !! Ur face always remind me of actress madhubala (Roja movie fame).. πŸ™‚ !!

  5. Such a difference babe..I do admire how much uv worked for this and how far uv come despite all the frustrations around…luv ya!

  6. chandni says:

    it was great reading this post

  7. chandni says:

    oh…………finally… my comment published…

  8. Loved this post. BTW you look really great in the last pic! Kudos on all the hard work!

  9. Great article Anamika. My son is now 2 years old and I’m still struggling to shed my belly fat. I too had a C-section. But I hate to admit I’m not as determined as you when it comes to food and that’s why I’m trying to inculcate healthy eating habits in my son from the very beginning. Next to NIL sugar and no refined flour in his food. I blog about healthy baby and kiddie food recipes btw at

    I’m going to look up the belly wheat diet now…thanks for sharing the link πŸ™‚

    • If you are a veggie then please don’t go with it ..:) it is strictly a non vegetarian diet .I infact turned myself into a non veggie because of the same reason.

  10. Heyy Anamika , dont worry , you have lost oodles of weight and will keep burning as and when your baby grows up πŸ™‚ After all , looking after a baby , breastfeeding and growing her / him up are the best workout options for a new momma, though we tend to hog in a lot of calories ..

    I enjoyed my pregnancy and post delivery weight to the core as baby’s health was important for me , I was 72 , post delivery became 68 , and at 11 months of my baby , down to 61 , now with my baby’s bdy coming up , I am in the 57-58 kg range , all back to my pre pregnancy weight πŸ™‚ As you said , I respect my body , Loving myself πŸ™‚

    I believe the best thing to get fit post delivery , is to cut the CRAP (Caffeine , Refined Sugars , Alcohol and Processsed/Packaged foods ) .

    And your narration of your weight and hubby’s interest on you , made me smile wider , widest πŸ™‚ ..Hahaha.. That shows your innocence πŸ™‚ Keep writing , and yeah keep burning those extra calories ..Mamma Mia ..:):)

    • wow! you really lost lot of weight but sadly breastfeeding never helped me sweets ..i was stuck with the same for 6 months which really worried me .

  11. Nice post!!

  12. Supriya says:

    You gorgeous girl…thanks so much for this post , I requested a post like this from you couple of weeks ago …… πŸ™‚

  13. yup! i forgot your name..i did the post because you asked me for it πŸ™‚

  14. Srabani says:

    Hey anamika, nice post. I too had my baby ‘aadya’ last November by C section.I lost all my pregnancy weight of 15/16 kgs within a month, by breast feeding. I am a stay at home mum,so it was possible. But belly fat still exists. I was really skeptical about it before delivery as I was over weight ( I started at 63 and reached 80 kgs).breast feeding helped me,it might work for others. And I live in US, so doing all household chores with out maid,with in a month of delivery.well negative areas are horrible stretch marks and belly fat..

  15. Hi anamika
    I just wanted to ask what all have you started taking in non veg… because I guess you also used to have eggs (maybe u mentioned it in a post written on diet specified by sangeeta khanna).
    I m too inquistive but I am also suffering from pcos and struggling with extra kgs. I want to get to a healthy weight before concieving. It would be really great if you guide me on this diet…as I am struggling really hard to knock off my weight.

    • Hi Ritu, If you want to learn about the weight loss then please head to wheat belly blog..Read the whole blog , buy the book and you will definitely lose weight.As far as pcod is concerned i will get myself checked because i am still not getting my chums on time.

      I do takes eggs and by non veg i mean fish , chicken and other meat here.

  16. Moderation.. god

  17. Hi Anamika, long time.. I delivered a baby girl in Feb and you speak my heart in this post. Are you able to maintain this diet? Also Im also not a hard core non veggie.. how d you manage.. could you please share you diet with me.. I eat soya chunks and tof as fillers. I can mange with eggs and chicken once thats all… please this is urgent.. I have alreday started on this diet and am stuck…

  18. Hi Jay, Just saw your comment.I will surely write more on this diet and share some simple recipe here ..:) till then you can read Tanveer blog she has written some fab post on this.

  19. Hi Ana,

    Liked the post….I am a mother of a 9 months old baby…..I am also trying to loose weight….but as u said it is important to love your body first….initially I was also very much frustrated looking at myself….I am quiet health conscious from beginning…..I never thought that I would put on so much weight after delivery…..after reading some books on diet I have now started eating healthy and stomach-full diet….though I have not lost much weight but I have started feeling lighter and coming in shape…..feeling really good after 9 months…..still a long way to go.

  20. GREAT POST… I’m a mother of 18 months old & still 10 kgs over my pre pregnancy weight, had a c – section as well. & also I wanna share, I’ve gained too much fat in my arms, its like I’m pregnant in my arms…After reading your post I too feel motivated to try wheat belly diet may be partly…. It’d be great if u stop by my blog

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