When To Start Giving Cereals To Babies?

When To Start Giving Cereals To Babies? We often find new mothers and first-time mothers boggle over starting solid food for their babies. Experts say that it is only after the 4th month of the baby’s birth; it craves for solids and feels what it is like being hungry. It is the right time to introduce them to the solid foods. During the first few months, a baby only knows how to suck milk through nipples, which is something that comes naturally to them. They can either be fed on breast milk … [Read more...]

Food Recipes For 8 Months Old Babies

By Gayatri Food Recipes For 8 Months Old Babies   Your baby reached 8 months and so you must be planning to start feeding her. You can start with pureed solids but make it nutritious at the same time. Here are few ideas you may like to try for your baby. Baked Apples: Ingredients: 3 large apples Butter (optional) Cinnamon(optional) Brown sugar and raisins(optional) Method: Core the three apples but don’t peel it. Carefully wipe the center inside of it with some … [Read more...]

5 Best First Foods For Baby

  5 Best First Foods For Baby   Your baby is growing and now you think it’s the right time for you to introduce foods in your baby’s routine other than breast feeding. But what foods will be best suited for your baby. There are lots of healthy, baby friendly food options which are nutrition packed. For the initial 4-6 months your baby uses iron that is stored in your baby’s body when he/she was in your womb. He gets additional iron from breast milk. But as the baby grows, … [Read more...]

Diet/Food Chart For 8-10 Months Old Infant

Diet/food chart for 8-10 months old infant   Yay yay!!! Toothless smiles are gone and you can see your baby’s first 2-4 teeth cutting. Don’t be disheartened if you still can’t see those pearls coming out, because it can come as late as 18-20 months too!!! Yes, you read it right :-) So, if those first teeth are there then don’t jump on with excitement that your baby can now chew all the food available on earth and neither be disappointed that you can’t do that and your baby still … [Read more...]

Diet/Food Chart For 6-8 Months Old Infant

  Diet/food chart for 6-8 months old infant Your baby has touched the 6 month mark…you are soooper excited to introduce the solid food to his taste buds, and whoosh! All your excitement drops down to zero because you realize that what you thought would be a cake walk is actually not that easy. But don’t you worry…we all sail the same boat and touch our shores happily and comfortably. So, fasten your belt and get ready to clean the bigger mess and tolerate the bigger fuss!! Well, the … [Read more...]

Breakfast Ideas For Eight Month Old

Food ideas for babies as young as 8 months can be hard to think of. Babies of this age cannot live on milk all day and also their teeth are still not developed for every food. Giving the same food daily is also not an option. It is essential that the baby gets all the nutrients in breakfast. Here are some simple tips for the breakfast of your eight month old- Apple sauce, mashed banana and other soft mashed fruits like papaya are good ideas. You can take ideas from foods available in stores … [Read more...]

My GoTo Vegetable Soup Recipe for Babies (9m+) and Toddlers

My GoTo Vegetable Soup Recipe for Babies (9m+) and Toddlers As mothers, we all know of that one magical concoction that is a sure hit with our babies. If it packs all healthy nutrients and is enjoyed by your little one, the feeling of accomplishment surpasses that of winning any jackpot in this world! Today, I am sharing with you a recipe that has been tried, tested and passed by my daughter. Not to mention that my hubby and I enjoy the leftovers too! It is healthy and very versatile. I am … [Read more...]

Carrot Soup Recipes For Babies

 Carrot Soup Recipes For Babies Winter demands everything warm. A bowl of warm soup can help a lot after a stroll in the play garden in the cold freezing weather. I never miss to use carrots in my daughter’s diet. There are many ingredients which keeps the body warm naturally. Using these ingredients can help keep cold and cough away in this season.     My daughter is sweet toothed. And for a change this is not a sweet tasting soup. Ingredients:Carrot … [Read more...]

8 Best Purees Recipes For Babies

Purees are the best way to feed your baby the healthy foods. It allows variety of taste and easy swallowing too. Purees are one of the best first foods for babies; it can be fruit purees, vegetable puree or leaf puree. Purees are more or less like soups as we adults usually like to have. Here are the possible purees you can introduce to your baby. Apple Puree: Apples when introducing for the first time for the baby, it is always better to boil. Peel the outer cover of the apple, boil, and … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Give Spinach To Baby

  Spinach is a wonder product which is always suggested by the doctor to be included in diet.Be it prior conceiving, during pregnancy, post delivery, during breast feeding, after breast feeding, every phase gives importance to spinach/ palak. Likewise, it is best to introduce spinach in your baby’s diet chart too. It is a very good natural nutrients supplement for babies (above 6 months). Spinach is very rich in calcium. Spinach suffices the need of fiber for the baby’s body. Spinach … [Read more...]