Best Tips For Dads To Bond With Their New Born Baby

Best Tips For Dads To Bond With Their New Born Baby Hello Everyone, A lot of articles we have covered here speak a lot about mothers and their new born babies. As to how "the bond" develops within few moments of child birth. The bond definitely feels surreal and we also happened to discuss a lot about how the overwhelming feeling of motherhood actually is for any new mother. Well, today it is a little different but yet extremely important topic we are going to discuss. It is for all the new … [Read more...]

Vegetable Soup Recipes For Your Toddler

Vegetable Soup Recipes For Your Toddler Stuti Khurana Vegetable soups are health in a bowl. They are a great way to sneak in all the vegetables into your baby & provide the necessary nutrition. We take a look at the various recipes which you can use to feed your little one. Beetroot Carrot Soup This is a great recipe to feed your toddler. Carrots, as we all know, are rich in Vitamin A & beetroot adds in fiber. This is a colorful & mildly sweet soup which your baby will love. … [Read more...]

How To Use Lybrate Mobile App For Pregnancy & Baby Care

How To Use Lybrate Mobile App For Pregnancy  & Baby Care Hello All Mommies, Today I am not her to share any topic of discussion for baby care or have any recipes to share! Today I am just here to acquaint you all with a latest online consultation platform which is slowly and steadily gaining popularity with more and more users! I seldom get so many queries related to baby care or pregnancy related concerns which a number of ladies share! Well, it is surely great to ask it to others but … [Read more...]

How to Give Turmeric to Kids

By Gayatri L How to Give Turmeric to Kids Turmeric is a root with many healing properties which cures many health problems. It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties and is known as Indian saffron. Curcumin in turmeric can increase ones lifespan, protect liver, prevent fungus, kill tumor cells, lowers blood cholesterol and does many more. Your kid can be given turmeric to cure many health issues and even to prevent them.     Few ideas are given below. Turmeric … [Read more...]

How Safe It Is To Give Brandy To Kids/ Toddlers

How Safe It Is To Give Brandy To Kids/ Toddlers Cold and cough is a very common concern for mother of toddlers and they constantly seek advice from doctors and rely on some natural home remedies to treat the repeated invasions of cold and cough of their little ones. Usually child special doctors don't advice dosage of medicines to kids as the strong dose may adversely effect their liver and may induce problems in the later stages of life. In common parlance many of you must have heard from … [Read more...]

5 Reasons Why Your Child Is Falling Sick Frequently

5 Reasons Why Your Child Is Falling Sick Frequently It is commonly observed that new mothers are always concerned about their child's health as they frequently fall sick which makes it difficult for a mother to cope up with a cranky sick child and comfort him or her. When a child falls sick it involves the whole family as children are very sensitive and tend to get affected internally if any health issue happens. I have seen many moms who complain of their child falling sick every now and then … [Read more...]

Is Honey Good For Children’s Cough?

Is Honey Good For Children's Cough? The answer is- Yes! Honey has the power to treat coughing in children. It is a old and time tested remedy in many homes and even science supports it. The efficacy of honey as  a cough remedy lies in the fact that it is quite viscous. Honey soothes mucous membranes and when there is no irritation, there is no cough. Honey coats the throat and its taste stimulates the formation of saliva. Saliva helps in thinning the mucous and thus causes reduction in bouts of … [Read more...]

How To Make Rice Water For Babies, Toddlers & Kids

How To Make Rice Water For Babies, Toddlers & Kids Hello Moms, Today I am going to share a common home remedy which is quite popular in Indian households as the quick solution to diarrhea in toddlers & kids. I have used this recipe a number of times whenever my daughter suffered from  diarrhea. I was preparing this rice again for my unwell toddler daughter so thought to share the detailed recipe with all you moms. Hope you find it useful in treating various other stomach ailments in … [Read more...]

Pacifier Myths & The Truth About Pacifiers (Pacifier Series 3) + Video

  Pacifier Myths And The Truth About Pacifiers (Pacifier Series 3) I’m here with the third part of our Pacifier Series. As I already mentioned that my daughter used a pacifier from when she was 2 months old till the age of 15 months. She is of 20 months now and I think this is the right time to burst some myths related to usage of pacifiers- Myth 1- If your kid uses pacifier, they will definitely have buck teeth. This is not true. It is the prolonged usage of pacifier that may … [Read more...]

10 Foods To Keep Your Baby Warm In Winters

10 Foods To Keep Your Baby Warm In Winters Covering your kids with lots of layers of clothes definitely protects them from cold weather but there is more that you can do about it. There are many food items that can be given to kids to keep them warm. These foods can be given as a part of their normal diet. Besides keeping them warm, these foods also provide a lot of nutrients to your toddlers. The most well-known foods to keep your toddler warm in winter are- Spices   Many spices … [Read more...]