20 Birthday Gift Ideas Under INR 500 From Amazon

20 Birthday Gift Ideas Under INR 500 From Amazon Hello Ladies, Birthdays are a sheer delight for all the kids as they get pampered a lot during the whole day! Well, at least they make it sound like " Its my birthday!!" and then get to do anything which they anyhow do in their daily life! I have seen so many kids going all cranky specially on the their birthday when they are supposed to be super chirpy & happy! ;-) Well, getting something for your kid is super simple! Just ask them what … [Read more...]

10 Amazing First Birthday Cake Ideas

By Gayatri L 10 Amazing First Birthday Cake Ideas Finally your baby’s first birthday is coming; the first and major milestone of the kid and you must be planning to do big to make it a big day for him/her. The very first thing in your mind is obviously the birthday cake. Deciding a particular type of cake is difficult when there are so many types available. We can guess, you have already browsed many pictures of cakes by now. If so, let’s not get confused and check what the various cakes in … [Read more...]

10 Cheap Birthday Décor Ideas

  By Gayatri L 10 Cheap Birthday Décor Ideas If you are planning a birthday party soon and want to keep it good yet under budget, then there are plenty of ways to cut down the prices. Let us discuss few ideas to plan a budget friendly birthday party. The Venue as Home     To save some bucks, first of all make your home as the venue. Since your home is absolutely free, you save money plus you get to decorate it yourself as per your likes and dislikes. Birthday … [Read more...]

15 Trendy Themes To Make Your Kid’s Birthday A Memorable One

15 Trendy Themes to Make Your Kid’s Birthday a Memorable One   Inspiring themes for your kid’s birthday is all that you need to make him happy and enthralled. The following 15 ideas will help you arrange a kid’s birthday party that will be worth remembering. The Vintage Theme:    It is one the oldest and most original birthday party theme for your child’s birthday. The ‘Vintage schoolhouse’ theme is a great idea for any kid’s birthday. It can be used for baby showers and first … [Read more...]

8 Fantastic First Birthday Party Ideas

The moment that you take your baby in your arms for the first time is very special. And then each day, you see your baby grow and discover more about each other. All these days are very special and then in no time your baby turns one. Yes, you don't even realize that and suddenly it is your little one's birthday. Every parent wants to make this day very special and memorable. If you are planning to throw a party for your kid's first birthday, take your pick from the ideas given … [Read more...]

Baby First Birthday Return Gift Idea

Hi everyone! At last after many many hours of discussions and research, we finally got our return gifts finalized and they have reached our home too:) So let me tell you what we were looking for and what I found and how we decided on the return gift. Return gifts are important because now-a-days kids expect gifts when they go to birthday parties other than the zillion things :P .I asked our facebook group girls and some of them gave really interesting ideas for return gifts. If there are some … [Read more...]