5 Spinach Recipes For Toddlers

5 Spinach Recipes For Toddlers Spinach is nutrition packed leafy vegetable and is a must in your toddler’s diet in growth years. Just as how much necessary it is for your toddlers to eat spinach, it is equally hard to serve your toddlers with spinach.   Moms really struggle hard to convince their children to eat spinach. To bring an end to all struggle. Today I shall tell you all 5 Spinach recipes for toddlers. Go through the recipes and pick your favorite for your … [Read more...]

5 Warm Food For Toddlers This Winters

5 Warm Food For Toddlers This Winters So it is December now and the month when winter are usually at its peak. Though it is not that chilly this year but it is cool enough for a Kid to catch cold and fall ill. The cold weather can wreak havoc with your child’s immune system and make them easily prone to diseases. Of course proper warm clothes can keep your child warm, but that’s all superficial and kids as you know are always playful and do not like clothes piled on them. To give a boost to … [Read more...]

Benefits Of Rice Water For Babies

Benefits Of Rice Water For Babies Every mother is supper conscious about what to feed her baby especially when it comes to solid food. 5-6 months is the ideal time to start solid or semi-solid foods for your baby. Rice can be given to babies who are as young as 5 months old. Rice soup makes up for a great baby’s first food and so does the simple rice water. Rice is considered as a very low allergen food and it is ideal for babies to consume. Rice water is a cheap easily available … [Read more...]

4 Ways To Give Chapatti/ Roti To Your Child

  4 Ways To Give Chapatti/ Roti To Your Child   Introducing solids for your baby is a major change in the baby food style. Since babies know only to swallow or gulp the liquid food, they may find difficulty both in chewing and digesting hard food. Vegetables and fruits can be smashed and made puree by adding milk and sugar which is again similar to the liquid food. The problem comes in feeding roti or chapatti. Blending the roti is a very bay choice and your child will never … [Read more...]

4 Milk Substitutes For Your Toddler

4 Milk Substitutes For Your Toddler   Milk is not loved by most kids. It becomes quite a task for mothers to give milk to their toddlers as they grow up. Most kids are simply not into milk and refuse to take even a sip. And here we are not talking about lactose intolerance. But milk cannot be done away with easily as it is so rich in many essential nutrients. But we are suggesting some options that you can give to your anti-milk toddler- Cheese   Cheese is a good option … [Read more...]

5 First Baby Fruits Recipe

5 First Baby Fruits Recipe   First foods for babies is tricky as they are used to milk only. Any new flavour is generally not welcomed. Fruits are a good start and are full of nutrients. Soft fruits like banana and peach are easy to work with. But you can feed more fruits to your baby with following recipes- Fruits and Yogurt   Ripe avocado cubes- 1/2 Sliced small ripe banana- 1/2 Kiwi fruit slices- 1/2 Peeled and sliced papaya- 1/4 Plain yogurt- 1/4 cup Puree … [Read more...]

Mixed Fruit Custard Bowl – Healthy Recipe For Kids

  Mixed Fruit Custard Bowl - Healthy Recipe For Kids   Feeding your child is a greatest job. Especially the toddler who is always in a mind set to do something against you. It is a common prank of your child to run away from any healthy foods until and unless you make the food colourful and give an interesting look. Milk and Fruits should be included compulsory in your child’s food diet. Making different recipes and running behind your child to feed them is a challenging task … [Read more...]

5 Potato Recipes For Toddlers

5 Potato Recipes For Toddlers 1-Quick & Easy Potato Fries- Potatoes (2 medium, sliced lengthwise) Olive oil Black Pepper Powder (1 tsp) Cumin Powder (1tsp) Table salt ( 1 pinch)   Method Of Preparation- Pre-heat oven to 220 degree centigrade Take the sliced potatoes. It is optional to keep the skin or not as per your kid's preference. Wash them under running water. Now spread the potato slices on the baking tray evenly. Spray 1-2 tbsp of olive oil on it … [Read more...]

15 Must Know Toddler Food Recipes

15 Must Know Toddler Food Recipes Hello Mommies, What was the latest recipe you tried for your little one? I guess every mom must have tried making a new & interesting dish for their kids! Well, if by any chance you didn't tried anything new since a while, here are 15 recipes for toddlers which every mom should know  to prepare for their toddlers. So, lets get started with these recipes. 1- Creamy Cauliflower Soup Cauliflower florets (8-10) Medium carrot ( peeled & … [Read more...]

5 Best First Foods For Baby

  5 Best First Foods For Baby   Your baby is growing and now you think it’s the right time for you to introduce foods in your baby’s routine other than breast feeding. But what foods will be best suited for your baby. There are lots of healthy, baby friendly food options which are nutrition packed. For the initial 4-6 months your baby uses iron that is stored in your baby’s body when he/she was in your womb. He gets additional iron from breast milk. But as the baby grows, … [Read more...]