Chocolate Pancakes For Kids/Toddlers – Recipe

By Nandini Aravind   Recipe for chocolate pancakes Aren't kids the most picky when it comes to food, especially toddlers. As a mom I think I spend hours together getting my fussy one to eat, it's not that she's doesn't like the food or the taste it's just that it isn't interesting enough or attractive enough. And hence I started to make the food for her look much more appealing and voila it worked, she does eat them and also requests for them every week. I took her favorite pancakes … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Cook Maggi For Your Child

5 Ways To Cook Maggi For Your Child   Maggi probably is the favourite food of India. Everyone from kids to grown-ups love this quick delight. If you thought there is just one way of preparing maggi then you cannot be more wrong. Maggi can be cooked in many different styles and local flavours can be added as one wishes. But again not all ways are suitable for little kids.   For a really quick change, you can grate some cheese on hot maggi. If you want to give something … [Read more...]

What To Feed Your 9 Month Old Toddler

What To Feed Your 9 Month Old Toddler   Feeding your baby semi solid foods had already started however once your baby turns 9 months, we are ready to get more adventurous with our toddler. If feeding your baby pureed or mashed food has been a success then the next step is going to be easy and effortless. It’s more of a shift to more regularised and larger portions. Since my baby had started eating as early as 4 months, I feel by the time he turned 9 months he was only too happy to try … [Read more...]

Cream Cheese Filled Chocolate Muffins

Cream Cheese Filled Chocolate Muffins As a kid I had been a great fan of chocolate cakes (who isn't?) and the worst thing is that till date I have not grown up for chocolates and cakes :) After I became mom, my kids too wanted to have only chocolate cakes. I knew the repercussions of eating those refined flour and sugar filled cakes. So I took it as a challenge to convert unhealthy cakes and muffins into healthier ones without compromising on taste. Earlier when my kids were young we never had … [Read more...]

How To Get Your Child To Eat Healthy

How To Get Your Child To Eat Healthy   Square Meals, Healthy Meals. All mothers constantly have these thoughts on their mind. The right thing is to not just force feed them healthy and nutritious food but try and work at them enjoying their healthy meal. With the influx of junk food it seems impossible to change their food choices. You painfully make their Daals and Sabzis and it is all wasted for one packet of French fries. So frustrating right? U cook, slave and then these brats don’t … [Read more...]

Instant Home Made Choco Almond Cookies

Instant Home Made Choco Almond Cookies   I am a big fan of home cooked food and when it comes to little babies I think they have a right to eat healthy food. When my children were young I always used to make "Naan Khatai" made with home made Deshi Ghee. And it used to take me a long time to bake those in traditional oven. Now to all the young moms I might be sounding like Granny bragging about ," Beta hamare zamane mein hum to apne bacchon ko aise palte they, yeh khilate they...blah … [Read more...]

Besan Bread Toast – Lunch Box Ideas

Besan Bread Toast - Lunch Box Ideas- Hi Everyone, I am back with another interesting post on the Lunch Box Series we have on Baby Blog. I am sure you all mummies find tough time in thinking about the lunch to give to your kid n their lunch box. Although most of the nursery & kids school prrovide you with a proper & planned food chart which includes food items to give to your kid in their lunch boxes but just imagine how choosy kids become sometimes that they refuse to eat the same … [Read more...]

Aaloo Cheese Tikki/Patties/Dumplings For Toddlers/Kids Recipe

Aaloo Cheese Tikki/Patties For Toddlers/Kids Recipe:- This is a great recipe I am going to share with you all today and am sure it will be loved by all the kids given the fact that I have included those ingredients which are generally liked a lot by the kids. Aaloo tikki or mashed potato dumplings which may be roasted, grilled or shallow fried as per liking. This is a very easy and take less time taking recipe which can be easily prepared by moms. Potato is something which most of the kids … [Read more...]

5 Barley Recipes for Babies & Toddlers

5 Barley Recipes for Babies & Toddlers   Many babies begin their semi solids with barley. There are many ways a barley can be included in baby’s food. They make excellent filler for toddlers too. Barley can be mainly used in soups. We have 5 best barley recipes here particularly fit for babies and toddlers. First Food for Babies (6 months) Ingredients: 2 spoon of pearl barley. 1 cup of water. Method of preparation: Wash the pearl barley under running water. Soak … [Read more...]

8 Quick and Healthy Snacks For Preschool Kids

8 Quick and healthy snacks for preschool kids Is your children goes to preschool? Are you confused about his snacks? So, don’t worry, we are here to help you. Snack doesn’t take more time to prepare, but most of the women not know quick recopies. Thus, today in this article we are telling you about some quick and healthy snack recopies for preschool kids. If you offer a great variety of foods then your child receives minerals as well as vitamin which they require. One thing you should … [Read more...]