5 Ways To Give Spinach To Baby

  Spinach is a wonder product which is always suggested by the doctor to be included in diet.Be it prior conceiving, during pregnancy, post delivery, during breast feeding, after breast feeding, every phase gives importance to spinach/ palak. Likewise, it is best to introduce spinach in your baby’s diet chart too. It is a very good natural nutrients supplement for babies (above 6 months). Spinach is very rich in calcium. Spinach suffices the need of fiber for the baby’s body. Spinach … [Read more...]

Baby Food: Oats and Apple Pie Recipe

We all are aware of the health benefits of oats but my little 19 months old daughter doesn’t! Oats are whole grain packed with soluble fibre, B vitamins and many minerals. Also, plain oats doesn’t tastes delicious so i had to do some twist in it for her. Usually oats can be given to baby after 6 months of age. The basic oatmeal porridge is prepared by boiling oats with either water or milk to form a smooth texture but here i have added a little flavour of apple and cinnamon for my … [Read more...]

Flavored Cornflakes For Baby’s Breakfast

 Sometime I feel, one day I will be a PhD holder in baby food research work! My 18 months old daughter Raima is such a picky eater that if I repeat her breakfast the other day she will simply turn her head side by side and say "na-na".....The problem I face is Raima still has just 2 bottom teeth and 2 upper teeth, she cuts food stuff well but lacks the art of chewing food to swallow-able texture through gums. So I make sure her every meal is soft or coarse paste at least. If your baby has more … [Read more...]

How To Give Dry Fig To Babies

We get tired and bored of same kind of food and keep searching for new recipes every now and then.We need constant change and same is the case with babies too.With babies we have to make sure that not only they like the food but its beneficial for their health as well. I have tried to give my daughter  best known natural form of nutrients supplements for my daughter from the time she was 10 months. One of the natural supplement which one can give baby is fig Benefits of Figs for … [Read more...]

Semolina Recipe For Babies – Porridge

Semolina is a best filler for babies. They taste very differently when slightly roasted and boiling of roasted semolina adds volume to all sorts of baby foods. Here is a recipe of flavoring the semolina porridge with fruit smoothies. This preparation keeps the baby interested in tasting new food. Also satisfies baby’s hunger. Semolina and fruit smoothies is one of the best ways to introduce your baby to the semi solid foods. Preparation Procedure: 1)Take a non stick pan and roast 1-2tbsp. … [Read more...]

3 Baby Finger Food Ideas

With growing babies mothers too improves her creativity. We mothers can never be still on our ideas.When we discuss and share ideas among mothers who are sailing in the same boat one gets to learn a lot. After one year baby urge to bit increases  but the biting process of the baby is not sufficient enough to swallow easily and the baby throws out what ever has been taken in. I had followed 3 baby finger food for my daughter when she was in the mood of chewing and eating on her own. I am … [Read more...]

Oats Recipes For Babies (12 Months And Above)

  I have grown up eating oats and it was more of a diet  staple .We were served plain oats with milk and I remember how I  use to get bored of them. (I think my mother did not know how to make it interesting. :-P).Still my mom was very particular about it  and insisted us to have it. Since I was introduced to oats, I feel it is best to introduce oats to my child too.Oats/oatmeal has very high nutrition and so I consider it to be must include in baby’s diet chart. Oats in its … [Read more...]

Fundooz Flavoured Yogurt – Food Recipe For One Year Old

I have a fussy, going-to-be-one-year old baby girl and I try hard to make her eat suji, paneer(Indian cheese), porridge etc but she is a stubborn child like her mom. Like an obedient child she always first takes the spoon filled with food in her mouth and a second later she spits it out. It's irritating and sometimes when I think of cooking for her, I feel like not cooking at all as she is not going to eat anyway. This time while doing grocery shopping in big bazaar I came across flavoured … [Read more...]

10 Great Food Ideas For Seven Month Old Baby

Frankly speaking I was waiting for my daughter to turn six months old so that I could start introducing semi /solid food to her. I really find it interesting and, after every three - four days, think of feeding something new to her. I didn't start with cerelac as they are highly sweetened .I wanted to introduce her to fresh fruits and vegetables so as to prevent her from becoming a fussy food eater later on. My baby accepted boiled/steamed mashed sweet potato, carrot and potatoes in formula … [Read more...]