10 Beautiful Toddlers Dresses

10 Beautiful Toddlers Dresses   There is no doubt that these days toddlers are aware of what they are wearing. They like to wear their favourite colours and styles. Toddlers also get inspired by what they see on various media. To add to the fashion brigade, mommies also love to dress up their kids in best clothes. Many brands have come up with kids' lines. These dresses are high fashion and loved by everyone. You can get some trendy ideas for your toddlers' dresses here- For … [Read more...]

4 Special Occasion Dresses For Your Little Girl in Winters!

With Winters in full force in most parts of the globes, we doting moms of our adorable daughters are left with much fewer options for dresses – especially party wear or special occasion. And if your daughter is a winter baby, I am sure you have been struggling, like me to find a season-appropriate yet a fancy birthday dress that does justice to your little princess. You can’t really dress them up in cute tutus and off shoulder dresses when the mercury is plummeting to the lowest of degrees! I … [Read more...]

Hopscotch Baby Clothes :Winterwear And Accessories & Website Review

Hopscotch Baby Clothes I've gone off the deep end...seriously! Ever since I discovered the world of baby clothes I've gone bonkers. I keep buying things for it clothes or accessories or bath stuff, I can't seem to resist. As a result, her wardrobe has become larger than mine and I have no doubt that in a few months 'll have to shift my clothes to her small cupboard and give her mine ;) The one online store which has played a huge part in my daughters ever-growing wardrobe is … [Read more...]

Baho Chic Doll!

Hi Everyone! It's been a while since I did a look post of my baby doll who I simply love to dress up. It would have been little more easy to take these pictures if she would have stayed few more seconds on a place where lighting is decent enough. Coming to the dress this is from Baby Q and was gifted by one of our relatives. I liked the long red bright skirt which is quite a usual change from all the shorts which I make her wear all the time.     I took her out in … [Read more...]

First Multicoloured Benetton Jumpsuit From Shweta

Hello everyone! Thanks for the sweet wishes which were sent to Anvika. Although the party is still on and it is turning out to be kind of a birthday week for her.I must say that I am enjoying Wise She baby blog a lot and I wish to pay more attention to it in the coming time. It's something which I think all the readers of this blog have been wishing too. Coming to this week's dress. This was sent to Anvika by Shweta and its the first time she wore a jumpsuit. Although she has tried rompers … [Read more...]

Blueberi Boulevard Dress On The Weekend

Just before I take out this dress of baby A and put on her night dress I thought of sharing with you few pictures of this pretty  cute polka dot green halter neck dress. This dress is a very special  gift from one of our lovely friends who I am really fond of. Initially it was a little long for her and she used to topple down but now it fits her perfectly.     I specially like the ethnic touch which this dress gives and baby A has no problem in wearing it .I have been … [Read more...]