20 Birthday Gift Ideas Under INR 500 From Amazon

20 Birthday Gift Ideas Under INR 500 From Amazon Hello Ladies, Birthdays are a sheer delight for all the kids as they get pampered a lot during the whole day! Well, at least they make it sound like " Its my birthday!!" and then get to do anything which they anyhow do in their daily life! I have seen so many kids going all cranky specially on the their birthday when they are supposed to be super chirpy & happy! ;-) Well, getting something for your kid is super simple! Just ask them what … [Read more...]

Claesen’s Luxury Kidswear Review|Luxury Kidswear + Video

Claesen's Luxury Kidswear Review|Luxury Kidswear Hi everyone, How are you all? Well today for a change I am here to talk about a Brand that deals in clothing for your kids. We mommies have different preferences when it comes to night wear and comfy clothings.  Some prefer plain cotton and some prefer stretchy ones. I personally prefer those cotton lycra stretchy fabrics which can simply pulled down through head and are easy to wear. A couple of months back I came across this brand … [Read more...]

Top 10 Online Shopping Websites For Babies & Kids

By Neha Gargi Top 10 Online Shopping Websites for Babies & Kids There are very few women in this world who don't like shopping. And if you were a mom chances are you would go crazy shopping for your little one. But, sometimes a loving mom may splurge a bit more than she intended to and ends up regretting later on. However, shopping online with some awesome discounts and offers you are not only going to save a lot but also going to enjoy browsing through the entire range of babies and … [Read more...]

Hopscotch Baby Clothes :Winterwear And Accessories & Website Review

Hopscotch Baby Clothes I've gone off the deep end...seriously! Ever since I discovered the world of baby clothes I've gone bonkers. I keep buying things for it clothes or accessories or bath stuff, I can't seem to resist. As a result, her wardrobe has become larger than mine and I have no doubt that in a few months 'll have to shift my clothes to her small cupboard and give her mine ;) The one online store which has played a huge part in my daughters ever-growing wardrobe is … [Read more...]

7 Fun & Innovative Buys for your Baby

Baby stuff isn't boring and straight-forward anymore. I was browsing online and came so many new and fun items to buy for babies that I simply had to show them to you.. 1. The 1st Step Soft Squeeze Food- Feeder: Perfect to introduce semi solids to your baby while eliminating the chances of messes. Perfect for feeding your baby while travelling too. I've purchased one of these for my baby too. Have you tried this? Price: INR 295 2. Chicco Duckling Plate: Perfect to simulate eating like … [Read more...]

Why I Will Never Buy From First| review experience   I have bought almost all my baby things online and that is the reason I keep comparing many websites together and zero in on the ones which are the best. Recently First cry was running an offer which tempted me .First cry doesn't seems to be a site which will be unprofessional or will believe in cheating their customer. I ordered a baby potty car. I imagined how fun it will be when my baby will be enjoying the car drive and will poo into it and learn the art in … [Read more...]