Snack Ideas for 1-3 Year Old Child

Snack Ideas for 1-3 Year Old Child Healthy snacks for kids is something which almost all moms reach out to know so as to give a variety of snacks to their child and also ensure that the food they eat has variations in terms of taste, nutrition and calorific value! Talking about healthy snacks, here we have some amazing suggestions for snacks for all those children between the age of 1-3 years! This is a quick guide for all the moms who have a toddler child at home! Do have a look! Cheese … [Read more...]

Quick Paneer Bread Rolls Recipe In Air Fryer

Quick Paneer Bread Rolls Recipe In Air Fryer Hello Mommies, So, winters have gradually taken a backseat and now its time for the beautiful spring-summer season. Usually during winter season, most of us emphasize on making the child eat healthy food items which boost their immunity and tend to digest easily as the physical activity is reduced during winters due to the cold outside. Well, now it again that time of year when children will be more active in physical tasks and for that they need … [Read more...]

Food Pyramid For Kids

Food Pyramid For Kids Hello Mommies, You must have heard and read about the food pyramid as a kid and know the concept of it. It is basically a 3-dimensional representation of what food constituents should be in considerate amount and what should be limited as per the daily diet. Well, the food pyramid is not always same for every individual and tends to keep changing as per the biological needs of the person as per their age group. These slight changes are essential to procure the … [Read more...]

5 Bread Recipes For Toddlers And Kids

5 Bread Recipes For Toddlers And Kids Kids love breads! The fuzziest of kids easily have bread recipes and take away the headache of making your kid or toddler eat food. But simply serving bread the regular way may not be of much help and for such a dilemma we have a solution for you. Today I shall share 5 Bread’s recipes for toddlers and kids that will help you surprise your kid with a new bread recipe each day. Read on. Paneer Bread Rolls     Paneer or Cottage … [Read more...]

Easy Banana Bread Recipe For Toddlers

Easy Banana Bread Recipe For Toddlers Hello Mommies, Well, it is officially winters now and I have started to prepare some of the healthy recipes for my daughter which will also help her in remaining immune towards the chilling winters season in the coming months. And also because she has developed a certain liking for junk food items, I am making sure to prepare yummy recipes for her. Today I wanted to share a quick Banana Bread recipe which I made this weekend for my daughter. It has … [Read more...]

Daliya Cutlet Recipe For Toddlers

Daliya Cutlet Recipe For Toddlers Hello Mommies, I am here with another interesting recipe I prepared for my toddler girl. It is Daliya Cutlet recipe which tastes yummy and due to the crunchy crust of these cutlets, toddlers find it great to feast upon! Daliya, as well all are aware, is basically crushed wheat grain which is used as a popular breakfast in many parts of the world. Since it is hand milled or processed from whole wheat, it is considered a great source fiber food which ensures … [Read more...]

Vanilla & Blueberry Pancake Recipe For Toddlers

By Shivangi Chaturvedi Mahajan Vanilla & Blueberry Pancake Recipe Pancakes are really good food options for toddlers as the ingredients like wheat flour, fruits like banana, strawberry, blueberries etc make them a healthy option for the kids. Fruits are known to be rich sources of vitamins, minerals & glucose which provide instant source of energy. Egg is one of the predominant constituents of pancakes and are undoubtedly great sources of protein which is very essential for the … [Read more...]

5 Potato Recipes For Toddlers

5 Potato Recipes For Toddlers 1-Quick & Easy Potato Fries- Potatoes (2 medium, sliced lengthwise) Olive oil Black Pepper Powder (1 tsp) Cumin Powder (1tsp) Table salt ( 1 pinch)   Method Of Preparation- Pre-heat oven to 220 degree centigrade Take the sliced potatoes. It is optional to keep the skin or not as per your kid's preference. Wash them under running water. Now spread the potato slices on the baking tray evenly. Spray 1-2 tbsp of olive oil on it … [Read more...]

Fish Shape Parantha Recipe

Fish Shape Parantha Recipe Hello Mommies, How are you doing? Needless to ask, you must be loving how your child is gradually developing! Today I am here with a new recipe which is a Fish Shape Parantha which I got to learn from a Food group and I really found it interesting and tried it out recently! So, the recipe turned out to be really good and my daughter absolutely loved having each bite of it! Let me end the suspense here and tell you the recipe! :-p This is basically a stuffed … [Read more...]

7 Food Recipes For Seven Months Old Babies

7 Food Recipes For Seven Months Old Babies As the baby completes the age of six months after the introduction of first food to the baby apart from milk, mothers are continuously concerned about the what to include in the diet of their babies so as to meet the growing needs of the baby. Also because the baby is initially not accustomed to eating & digesting cereals in their diet  giving anything which is difficult for them to digest is strictly prohibited. Here we will know about some of … [Read more...]