6 Best Ways To Bond With Toddlers

How to bond with toddlers The transition from infant stage to toddler stage is difficult for both the mom and the child. From your perspective, your cooing cuddly baby has suddenly become a wild, naughty child whose favourite word is a�?noa�? to everything, and from your childa��s perspective, the cajoling loving mom has suddenly become too strict and stern as she is not letting him play with his fascinating toys like kitchen utensils, jewellery and the dogs tail. Therefore building a strong … [Read more...]

21 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Mom And Baby

21 Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Mom And Baby When a woman starts expecting, she feels a completely different emotion which is rather inexplicable. As she feels her baby growing within her womb, a deep emotional bond of love and affection develops between the mom and her baby. When her gynecologist shows her the babya��s growth stages and movements on the monitor screen during the USG Tests, her excitement level keeps soaring to skyrocketing heights and ends only with tears of joy when the doctor … [Read more...]

Do babies really need sunscreen?

I was going through an online site, when the site recommended baby sunscreen. A thought struck in my mind “Do babies really need sunscreen?”. Gathering further information I have found few pointers. As for me, I have never exposed my baby to direct sunlight. We as adults would never like being in hot sun, and how different it is for babies?     Below are few facts which we as parents should know about baby exposure to sun and baby sunscreens:-   There are many … [Read more...]

Building Your Child’s Library: 3 to 9 Months

A mother does not need a study or a pediatrician to tell her that talking to and reading to child does wonders not only to the precious bond but also the mental and emotional development of the baby. It’s never too early (or too late) to expose your child to the amazing world of books. I started reading to my daughter from day 1 – just random magazine articles etc. It was only when she was about 3 months old that I started getting her age appropriate books and showing them to her. At the … [Read more...]

Mustard Oil Benefits For Babies

Mustard Oil For Babies Oil massage is a house hold tradition where ever there are babies and new born infants. Winter demands more oil massaging for babies. With the onset of winter, it is our priority to keep our babies/children as warm as possible. Not just warm, moisturizing is also matter to think of.     Traditionally, in India, mustard oil is the chosen oil for massaging. Mustard oil has a lot of medicinal values. Why Mustard Oil Is Beneficial:-   Is a … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Give Spinach To Baby

  Spinach is a wonder product which is always suggested by the doctor to be included in diet.Be it prior conceiving, during pregnancy, post delivery, during breast feeding, after breast feeding, every phase gives importance to spinach/ palak. Likewise, it is best to introduce spinach in your baby’s diet chart too. It is a very good natural nutrients supplement for babies (above 6 months). Spinach is very rich in calcium. Spinach suffices the need of fiber for the baby’s body. Spinach … [Read more...]

Mastela Medicine Dispenser Review

Medicine Dispenser I never thought it would be so hard to give medicines to an infant. I remember as a toddler I'd make my Dad run all around the house to give me meds and he did it happily with a smile on his face (my Moms was the opposite..I got many a whacking from her) So from the moment Pravi was born and we were asked to give her Calcium and Iron supplements daily, I was puzzled as to how to administer them. Giving them to her by spoon meant her bringing it back up in fountain mode and I … [Read more...]

When is the right time for potty training

  There is no hard and fast rule that is set about potty training age. It is based on the fact of 3 baby C’s. Convenience, Comfortableness Confidence. For babies under the age of 2 there is absolutely no chance to control when they pee or poo. This is because their controlling muscles would not have grown to such an extent. But you can keep explaining the fact that they have to inform before thy release. This point will be grasped since their understanding capability would … [Read more...]

Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion – Body Lotion For Babies With Sensitive Skin

I had picked up alot of skincare stuff for my baby before her birth anticipating allergy to JnJ (like me)...I was pretty much correct about her allergy to JnJ products, but along with that she was allergic to practically all other brands as well...It was then that the doctor himself suggested Aveeno atleast till she completed 3 to 4mts since by then, major sensitivities also decrease. I picked up Aveeno Baby Lotion and have been using it ever since :)   About Aveeno Baby Daily … [Read more...]

10 Tips For Child Safety At Home|Child Care Safety Checklist

Have you made your home safe enough for your baby/toddler? Babies do not need to be taught anything. With every growing time, they learn everything, wanted or unwanted. Mostly they get into all the unwanted doing. Child proofing everything in your home takes the priority, be it against the fashion statement of your decorated house.   Compiling some points out of my experience.    In the latest style of construction, the sockets and switches are at an arms length from … [Read more...]