5 Facts To Consider Before Conceiving Again

5 Facts To Consider Before Concieving Again   Deciding to have another baby is a turning point once again in your life. First and foremost is your wish and will. We did a brief discussion here on taking your own call about your next baby. If you have gone positive in making your decision, there are some more factors that still have its say on your decision of having another baby.     Current Routine Do you have a fixed routine? Have you got back to your work with … [Read more...]

Know More: Pre-eclampsia & Eclampsia

Recently I went to the gynac with a Preggie friend of mine and in passing she happened to mention she'd been having headaches and lower back pains in her 3rd month itself. The gynac immediately checked her BP and her hands and legs for any swelling. After doing that, she happened to mention that, “It's all normal, not to worry, there's no Pre-eclampsia.' Both of us were googly eyed since we'd never heard of this term before so we asked the gynac and she gave us a short description about it. … [Read more...]

Molar Pregnancy Types, Causes & Symptoms

It's amazing how little we know about our own bodies let alone how pregnancy works. In my post about Pregnancy with 1 ovary, I mentioned a friend who was trying to get pregnant and eventually realised she had a cyst which had to be removed through surgery. She'd been having pregnancy symptoms which made her feel she was preggie. But then her period would arrive and her hopes would be dashed. When the gynac told her about her cyst she couldn't believe it and the Doc happened to mention false … [Read more...]

Getting Pregnant With PCOS And One Ovary

Today I'll be writing about a sensitive topic which probably hasn't been discussed much. We all talk about how our pregnancies are progressing and happening during and post delivery. But there are so many issues we ladies face much before any of these. PCOD, Thyroid and Ovary removal are some of the issues a lot of us face but probably don't talk about too much. These topics are considered taboo and and many of us ladies are told to shut up and keep it to themselves which doesn't help at all. It … [Read more...]