Diaper Myth Busting : Why Choose Diapers?

Diaper Myth Busting: Why Choose Diapers Diapers are extremely important for the comfort of your baby, but one debate every mother comes across is cloth vs disposable diapers? What are the factors to consider? Damp clothes attract bacteria the most and that is why it is always advised to dry your baby’s clothes properly in the sun even after it has dried in the washing machine! Now, imagine if your cloth diaper has not dried properly! A new mother has a lot on her plate, and changing the … [Read more...]

Pampers #MagicOf3 NextGenPampers

Pampers #MagicOf3 NextGenPampers As a mother, I have always tried to give the best to my daughter when it comes to personal hygiene. When it comes to diapers, I have always opted for the top of the line ones amongst all the available options. Like other body care products, when it comes to diapers, proper skincare and hygiene is what I always look. And with the advances in technology and product innovation, it is important that moms, like me are aware of the new products out there, because they … [Read more...]

Pant Style Diaper Review: Libero vs Pampers + Video

Pant Style Diaper review: Libero vs Pampers Hi Mommies! Today I'm reviewing 2 different brands of diapers for you. The brands are Pampers and Libero. I'll be reviewing only pant-style diapers as my daughter wears that type only. Pampers is a very old and popular diaper brand while Libero is just about a year old. My daughter uses both brands. Lets see the points of difference between the diapers- About Pampers Baby Dry Pants With Magic Gel that instantly locks away wetness,Pampers baby … [Read more...]

Pampers Active Baby Diapers Review

  Pampers Active Baby Diapers Hello mommies, I am back with a review and this time its diaper review. I am sure you all must be searching for a review for a best diaper that will suit your baby. Thus, today I thought of sharing my though on Pampers Active baby diapers. For the initial 2 months of my bay is avoided using any disposable diapers indoors. I used them only while going out. But, as the rainy season started, I didn’t want her to get cold and feel wet every time that also … [Read more...]