Food Chart For Toddlers

Food Chart For Toddlers Toddlers need maximum nutritional attention in the crucial years of 1-3 years as this period has a remarkable importance because a whole lot of mental and physical development takes place during this time. Mothers are also concerned about what are the appropriate food items that should be ideally included in a toddler's everyday diet so as to aid in proper overall growth and mental development. For this purpose, various studies carried throughout years on the … [Read more...]

Benefits Of Rice Water For Babies

Benefits Of Rice Water For Babies Every mother is supper conscious about what to feed her baby especially when it comes to solid food. 5-6 months is the ideal time to start solid or semi-solid foods for your baby. Rice can be given to babies who are as young as 5 months old. Rice soup makes up for a great baby’s first food and so does the simple rice water. Rice is considered as a very low allergen food and it is ideal for babies to consume. Rice water is a cheap easily available … [Read more...]

7 Myths About Pregnancy Diet

7 Myths About Pregnancy Diet   What you eat during your pregnancy is very crucial and shall actually take you a long way in healing your body post-delivery. Your diet should be wholesome and a healthy mix of Fibrous fruits, proteins as well as calcium intake. Adding a lot of spinach also takes care of the requirement. Add a fistful of dry fruits to your duet. This is especially beneficial to working women as they are on the go all day. Ensure you keep yourself hydrated through the … [Read more...]

Instant Home Made Choco Almond Cookies

Instant Home Made Choco Almond Cookies   I am a big fan of home cooked food and when it comes to little babies I think they have a right to eat healthy food. When my children were young I always used to make "Naan Khatai" made with home made Deshi Ghee. And it used to take me a long time to bake those in traditional oven. Now to all the young moms I might be sounding like Granny bragging about ," Beta hamare zamane mein hum to apne bacchon ko aise palte they, yeh khilate they...blah … [Read more...]

Home Made Healthy Oats Cornflakes Cookies Recipe

Home Made Healthy Oats Cornflakes Cookies Recipe I had always been a very fussy mom and very particular that my kids eat healthy and home made goodies. My kids are grown up now and have their own food choices... well those are not of my liking.... :-(   All junk and processed. When they were small I used to make "Deshi ghee Naan Khatai" for them and make them eat those in place of packaged biscuits. Now when they are adults and I wish they make healthier food choices .... well basically my … [Read more...]

Diet For The Eighth Month Of Pregnancy

Diet For The Eighth Month Of Pregnancy   Time to get your hospital bag ready! There’s just one more month to go before you meet your little princess or prince. Post delivery you would be too tired so make most of the time that you have now. Stay relaxed and take plenty of rest throughout the day. During the last trimester of the pregnancy there is a tremendous increase in the speed with which the baby develops. Although all the essential nutrients mentioned in the previous posts … [Read more...]

Diet For The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy

Diet For The Fifth Month Of Pregnancy   Frustrated that your favourite pair of denims doesn’t fit you anymore? Worry not, it’s just a matter of time and soon you will have your curves back in place. After all the hot mamas like Malaika Arora Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Aishwarya Rai, Lara Dutta were all once there and look at them now. They are hot as ever! :-) So for now, concentrate on gaining up to two kilos of weight as suggested by experts. Does that mean I can have anything I want this month? … [Read more...]

Diet For The Third Month Of Pregnancy

Diet For The Third Month Of Pregnancy   Welcome to the third month of your pregnancy! It’s time for some positive changes. As you progress towards the fourth month of your pregnancy, things will get better. You wouldn’t run away from your meals anymore and if your doc is kind enough you can even have a chance at hearing your little one’s heart beat for the first time. Yay! :-) And no you are not at all silly if you are caught the 100th time smiling away over your baby’s ultrasound scan … [Read more...]

5 Ways In which Iron Can Benefit Pregnant Women

Iron deficiency in women is not an unknown fact. Its importance increases for a would-be mother. The lines below explain why iron is essential for a pregnant woman. Haemoglobin Production: Since the total volume of blood increases in your body during pregnancy, it becomes necessary to increase the amount of haemoglobin in it as well. It has been estimated that the body sees 50% addition in the volume of blood during this time. Therefore, the necessity for iron grows as it the key element in … [Read more...]

Instant Cornflakes Recipe For Babies – Baby Food While Travelling

Food Recipes Indian When babies cross the age of first year, it normally becomes easy to feed babies. Easy in the sense, there are a variety of healthy options that can be included in the baby’s diet chart. For babies below one year, there are very few options in their diet. I have an easy instant recipe of corn flakes to share with you all. This is my daughter’s daily demanded time pass bowl. And I find this one easy option too when I am traveling. I stuff in the below items in to my … [Read more...]