Dress & Skincare Shopping For Toddler + Dubai Moments + Video

Dress & Skincare Shopping For Toddler + Dubai Moments + Video Hello Everyone, I am here with a random video this time as I didn't plan it in advance but really wanted to share some interesting stuff which I got for my toddler daughter when I was holidaying in Dubai last month! This is not a roper haul kind of video because some of the stuff I couldn't find when I thought of showing it to you guys. :-( Well, I was in Dubai for a whole week and was really happy to be there are it is … [Read more...]

How To Keep Your Toddler Warm In Winters

How To Keep Your Toddler Warm In Winters Winters make mothers go crazy. They have to constantly worry about their kid being warm and safe from weather. If the kids are not properly protected in winters they may catch cold or even get fever and other such health problems. Here are some simple tips that will help you in keeping your toddler warm and cozy in winters Winter Suits Buy good quality warm winter suits for your kids. You can layer them over thermals. Winetr suits can be one-piece … [Read more...]

Hopscotch Haul + Cowgirl Outfit For Toddlers

Hopscotch Haul + Cowgirl Outfit For Toddlers Hi everyone! I recently hauled some stuff from Hopscotch for my daughter. Anamika also did a Hopscotch haul recently and I'm sure you have watched it. I've been shopping from Hopscotch since my dauhter's birth and it has been 20-21 months. So I trust them a lot. The package took two days to reach me. Everything has been separately wrapped. I got these three things- Hairband Price- INR 149 You can buy some cute hairbands on here … [Read more...]

Mini Haul For Toddler From Hopscotch( Website Review)

Mini Haul For Toddler From Hopscotch Hello Everyone, Today I am here with an unboxing video where I will show all you moms what I got for my toddler daughter from It is just like a tiny mini haul which I wanted to share with you all so that if you too are planning to buy something for your kids, your get an idea about what can you get for them! So, lets see what is there in the bigg box I received a while back! :-) So, basically I have been shopping from Hopscotch since long … [Read more...]

Little Muffet Dresses India Review

Little Muffet Dresses India Review Few months back I got to see Little muffet website and I was floored by the collection of their dresses.I couldn't hold myself and ordered few dresses. I always buy dresses for my girl thinking I will make her wear the expensive ones on special ocassions but somehow I end up making her wear them often. This is exactly what happened with this beautiful dress .I fell in love with the colour of this dress and whenever she wears it she always gets lot of … [Read more...]

Nauti Nati Baby Girl Shopping Haul

Nauti Nati Baby Girl Shopping Haul  Hey everyone! I visited Nauti Nati show six months back and found their dresses a little expensive but recently I saw 40% sale there and I just jumped. I almost wanted to buy the whole store but resisted thinking that I am definitely going to buy more stuff in summers too so there is no point buying everything. Good news is that Nauti Nati has 40% online sale on flipkart as well here so this is the least price you can get this brand stuff in .So don't miss … [Read more...]

4 Special Occasion Dresses For Your Little Girl in Winters!

With Winters in full force in most parts of the globes, we doting moms of our adorable daughters are left with much fewer options for dresses – especially party wear or special occasion. And if your daughter is a winter baby, I am sure you have been struggling, like me to find a season-appropriate yet a fancy birthday dress that does justice to your little princess. You can’t really dress them up in cute tutus and off shoulder dresses when the mercury is plummeting to the lowest of degrees! I … [Read more...]

Hopscotch Baby Clothes :Winterwear And Accessories & Website Review

Hopscotch Baby Clothes I've gone off the deep end...seriously! Ever since I discovered the world of baby clothes I've gone bonkers. I keep buying things for it clothes or accessories or bath stuff, I can't seem to resist. As a result, her wardrobe has become larger than mine and I have no doubt that in a few months 'll have to shift my clothes to her small cupboard and give her mine ;) The one online store which has played a huge part in my daughters ever-growing wardrobe is … [Read more...]

First Multicoloured Benetton Jumpsuit From Shweta

Hello everyone! Thanks for the sweet wishes which were sent to Anvika. Although the party is still on and it is turning out to be kind of a birthday week for her.I must say that I am enjoying Wise She baby blog a lot and I wish to pay more attention to it in the coming time. It's something which I think all the readers of this blog have been wishing too. Coming to this week's dress. This was sent to Anvika by Shweta and its the first time she wore a jumpsuit. Although she has tried rompers … [Read more...]

Baby In A Beebay Dress

Beebay  Hi everyone! Few days back I and my friend Zara were discussing about baby dresses and it seems that we still do not have as much of baby clothes variety in India as we have in other developed countries. As I  am fond of dressing up my baby (who isn't :P) I thought of sharing few of my baby dresses which I  liked on her. This will be a good way to bring out all the possible stores and online websites which stock some beautiful pieces that too ofcourse at a reasonable price. I got this … [Read more...]