Healthy Snacks For Toddlers During Winters

By Stuti Khurana Healthy Snacks For Toddlers During Winters Snacks are important for active and growing kids. It is important to feed them in between the meals with healthy snacks. During winters, your child may have a stronger urge for snacks. To help her eat healthy this winter, we take a look at a few healthy snacks that you can feed your baby with. Bread Upma: A South Indian style Bread Upma is a tasty treat for your baby. It is easy to prepare as well. For this, you will need bread … [Read more...]

When To Start Giving Cereals To Babies?

When To Start Giving Cereals To Babies? We often find new mothers and first-time mothers boggle over starting solid food for their babies. Experts say that it is only after the 4th month of the baby’s birth; it craves for solids and feels what it is like being hungry. It is the right time to introduce them to the solid foods. During the first few months, a baby only knows how to suck milk through nipples, which is something that comes naturally to them. They can either be fed on breast milk … [Read more...]

How To Make Amul Butter At Home?

How To Make Amul Butter At Home? Hello Gorgeous Mommies! You all moms must be aware of how difficult it is to keep looking for healthy food options for your kid. The rate at which processed food products are launched in the market makes it even difficult to think of options which are good for the healthy of toddlers and kids and also lure them in taste! Well, being a mother you cannot ignore these things and in spite of all the busy schedule you take out time to prepare some … [Read more...]

Easy Pancake Recipes On Baby Blog

Easy Pancake Recipes On Baby Blog Pancakes are a toddler's absolute favorite when the ingredients like chocolate and vanilla are an essential part of it. I remember my niece always demanding for pancakes when I stayed at her place for about 2 months. I used to think what makes her so fond of these that she is ready to eat it everyday! Well, she did use to have cornflakes once in a while but when she knew that I have made pancakes for breakfast, she was the happiest kid and didn't made any of … [Read more...]

Food Recipes For 8 Months Old Babies

By Gayatri Food Recipes For 8 Months Old Babies   Your baby reached 8 months and so you must be planning to start feeding her. You can start with pureed solids but make it nutritious at the same time. Here are few ideas you may like to try for your baby. Baked Apples: Ingredients: 3 large apples Butter (optional) Cinnamon(optional) Brown sugar and raisins(optional) Method: Core the three apples but don’t peel it. Carefully wipe the center inside of it with some … [Read more...]

How To Give Kiwi Foods To Babies

By Gayatri L How to Give Kiwi Foods to Babies Is it safe to feed kiwi to your baby? When can you give kiwi to your baby and in which form? What recipes can you try? Are these questions in your mind? If you are planning to give kiwi to your baby then you should know everything about it. These fruits are very nutritious. Kiwis are acidic in nature and so before you give it to your baby, you should think twice.     The Benefits for Your Baby: Kiwi is known as Chinese … [Read more...]

5 Corn Recipes For Toddlers

5 Corn Recipes For Toddlers Toddlers make most mommies worried about what food to cook for them which is healthy enough to provide the essential nutrients to the kid's body for proper development. In spite of many attempts usually toddlers are fussy eaters and toss food more than they eat. But well there is a secret ingredients which they really like and which goes well with them. So till the  time mommies struggle with so many innovative recipes to impress the taste buds of there kids. I n … [Read more...]

Picky Kid Recipes

Picky Kid Recipes Kids are too cheesy and choosy with food and toss around like anything if they don't like what is served to them. I have lived with my two nieces and a nephew and many a times I used to feed them in the afternoon interchangeably as my sister in law would feed the other kid. Well, we strictly kept in mind the taste preferences of both the kids and somehow they found it too boring and refused to eat them until served with sauce, jam, mayonnaise, etc. So it was an everyday … [Read more...]

10 Indian Style Recipes For Toddlers

10 Indian Style Recipes For Toddlers Hey Everyone, Toddlers are generally very picky when it comes to food. There are some food items which they cannot like howsoever awesome it tastes to you! Mothers struggle almost everyday to innovate new recipes which impresses their taste glands and they agree to finish it. Otherwise if you just cook any regular dish than surely expect that either they will create a fuss of the food or will simply refuse to put it into their mouth. So, here is a … [Read more...]

5 Fun And Healthy Dinner Ideas For Kids

  5 Fun And Healthy Dinner Ideas For Kids Serving food to the picky eaters is never an easy thing to do. Moms look for nutrition and kids look for taste and appeal. If you desire to make serving foods easy for your kids, you should try and incorporate new recipes which are tasty, nutrition packed and look good, which is actually a fun eating for kids. We here have shared a lot of recipes for the picky eaters and today I am here to share few more recipes which are fun and … [Read more...]