Beddy Nest- Baby and Child Mattress Review

Beddy Nest- Baby and Child Mattress Review As parents, we always look out for what’s the best for our child right from the beginning. And it really feels good when brands come forward with some amazing innovative products which we had no access to, a few years back. I mean look at the range of baby and child care products which you have around these days makes the beautiful journey of motherhood so much enjoyable and a smooth ride for all the new parents. My daughter is grown up now and all I … [Read more...]

Maternity Fashion : Do’s & Dont’s

By Rhea Maternity Fashion : Do's & Dont's Woman’s life is very complicated right from the birth time. She takes birth in a home, stays there for the prime years of her life and when life already begins to get complicated, she is supposed to leave her home for a new place where she is almost alone to handle the problems where earlier she had the support of her blood relations – her parents and siblings. She adjusts to the new home, new partner and new family members and learns to learn at … [Read more...]

How to Prevent Stretch Marks

How to Prevent Stretch Marks   Pregnancy brings about a whole lot of changes in body. Stretch marks are one of those changes that are not welcomed and are difficult to get rid of. Women get stretch marks on legs, thighs, tummy, sides and lower back. These areas undergo a lot of strain and stretch marks are formed. There is no home remedy and other product that can make these marks fade away completely. But you can adopt preventive measures that will help in making stretch marks less … [Read more...]

Fenugreek In Pregnancy – Benefits And Side-Effects

Fenugreek In Pregnancy - Benefits And Side-Effects   Fenugreek or methi is a commonly used herb in food. Its leaves are eaten and its seeds are used as condiment. Fenugreek is also considered to be effective in stomach upset. It has been useful for diabetics as it helps in lowering blood glucose levels. When it comes to pregnancy, there are contradictory reports about its benefits. Here are possible benefits of fenugreek for pregnant ladies and new … [Read more...]

5 Must Try Things For New Mothers

Must Try Things For New Mothers   Motherhood is a exciting and challenging journey. We bring you here a few items and their reviews that are essentials for a new mother. Have a look. Breast Pads Motherhood comes with many unusual things one of them being the secretion of milk from the breasts.  Once the milk flows in, you are going to have leaks even if you are feeding and/or pumping regularly. Always wear these pads or have them handy to avoid getting your clothes wet. These come in … [Read more...]

Nuby Disposable Breast Pads Review

Nuby Disposable Breast Pads I had bought this with pigeon Disposal Breast Pads to have something from another brand if that didn’t work to prevent breast milk leakage. This disposable breast pads are from the renowned brand Nuby that provides many useful products for parents and their children. They have high quality standards that make them perfect for the babies.     About Nuby Disposal Breast Pads : Nuby's disposable nursing pads are designed for super absorbency, … [Read more...]

5 Benefits Of Pre Natal Massage

5 Benefits Of Pre Natal Massage   Pre Natal Massage is similar to your regular massage which eases the body muscles and relaxes the mind and body. The benefits of it are that it caters to pregnant women to ease discomfort, increase mobility, ease sore spots and improves circulation. Pregnant women should definitely try these Therapists and Masseurs trained in these kinds of massages as they are aware of the techniques, pressure points etc. required and they can customize it accordingly. … [Read more...]

Johnson’s Nursing Pads Review

By Ayantika Bhattacharya Johnson’s Nursing Pads Hello everyone, How are you all? This is my second review on this blog. Hope you will like it If you are pregnant and planning to breastfeed your baby, then nursing pad is a must have for you.     About Johnson’s Nursing Pads : Johnson & Johnson Contour Nursing Pads feature an absorbent core that keeps moisture away from your skin. A soft lining delivers superior comfort and its rustle-free design is discrete … [Read more...]

Pigeon Disposable Breast Pads Review

Pigeon Disposable Breast Pads   I bought Pigeon Disposable Breast pads just before my delivery, as I was very much prepared for the breast milk leakage. Also this is a very popular brand among Breast pads. So, let us check the review for Pigeon Disposable Breast pads.     What Pigeon Disposable Breast pads claims: Key Features Soft and Dry Lining Double Adhesive Tape Perfect Fit Silent and Easy Opening Wrap 3D Slide Gather Super Absorbent Give … [Read more...]

Homemade Hair Fall Control Oil

Homemade Hair Fall Control Oil Now a days we find so many hair care products that one gets confused which one to use and which not. For me climate change brings a terrible hair fall spree. Another disadvantage of moving around all overt the country from North to South ,East to West every two years is that my hair had become very weak and with split ends. I tried all kinds of concoctions to save my hair but nothing came to my rescue. I used to be terrified seeing hair on my pillow. Head wash … [Read more...]