DIY Ideas – Alphabet Learning With Toddlers

DIY Ideas - Alphabet Learning With Toddlers Hello All Mommies, Today I am here to share a new idea I am employing these days to teach alphabets to my two year old daughter. All you moms out there must agree that keeping a toddler busy in some kind of activity is so important and they also need refreshments in the activities as, unlike elders, these little minds get bored very easily. Well who said we don't need refreshments but still elder understand the course of actions as per situation but … [Read more...]

How To Make Kids Learn Shape And Sizes |Skillofun Beginner Shape Size Sorter

Skillofun Beginner's Shape Size Sorter Hello Everyone, Off late I have been trying to get some really good & useful toys for Anvika rather than those soft toys which eventually find place on the bed top and is rarely used for laying. This time I got her a unique shape size sorter set from Skillofun. I must admit that skillofun comes up with some really unique toy sets which toddlers simply cannot resist and on top of that they get to learn different things from these kind of toys. Coming … [Read more...]

5 Learning Games For Toddlers

5 Learning Games For Toddlers Hello Beautiful moms, Any exciting weekend plans with your toddlers? I am here with a compilation post of some learning games & toys for toddlers reviewed on the Baby Blog to give an idea of gaming options mothers can choose for their tiny tots. These are fun games which are suited to the developing minds of growing kids and are mainly formulated for the learning needs of toddlers in this technology friendly age of gadgets. Counting Learning … [Read more...]

Leap Frog Letter Discoveries Review

Leap Frog Letter Discoveries Hello Mommies How are your little ones doing? Well, I am more than happy to see my angel growing fast and learning so many new things with each day. It is really a great moment for parents when there kid starts to learn the basic things like alphabets & numbers at a small age. It really  feels like how these bundles of joy who couldn't speak earlier are able to now narrate rhymes and the alphabets in their sweet childish tone. Well, today I am going to … [Read more...]

Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy Review

Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy   After my baby had entered the mobile phase, I was looking for a toy that would encourage him to crawl and learn at the same time. During my search I came across Mee Mee Happy Train Musical Toy and even though it stated that it was meant for babies above 12 months of age, I happily ignored it and bought the musical toy :-D And the musical train didn’t fail me even a tiny bit as it’s one of the favorite toys of my son.     Key … [Read more...]

Finger Family Game for Babies and Toddlers

Finger Family Game for Babies and Toddlers   Playing is fun. For kids everything seems fun. Counting, reciting, memorizing, copying, enacting, all these begins with growing age. Here is a finger family rhymes enacting tale. I hope You know the famous kids rhyme “Father finger, Father finger, Where are you? Here I am, Here I am, How do you do?         Mother finger, Mother finger, Where are you? Here I am, Here I am, How do you do? Brother Finger..... Sister … [Read more...]

How to Make Animal Face Toy At Home |DIY For Kids

Kids Crafts - Making Animal Face Toy Making toys is fun. You don’t have to attend a workshop for that. Just gather whatever is there around you and put in your simple silly ideas together with some glue. This handmade-homemade toy will get the top priority than whatever you buy at the stores. That is a guaranteed gift your little one will give you. :-)     Involve your little one in the making of the toy. They would boast around with pride that they stuck the eyes, … [Read more...]

Funny Toy Baby Drum And Musical Instrument – One Year Old Games

MULTI-FUNCTION ELECTRONIC ORGAN W/ 5 DRUMBEAT 8 DIFFERENT MUSIC BATTERY OPERATED Keeping a toddler busy is such a big task. They are filled with energy and nothing can stop them. I have seen my daughter getting bored of her toys in one or two days.To avoid boredom I put few toys in front of her for the time being and then bring over a new set after a week.She gets excited to see her previous toys back and play with them for three four days. One of her recent addition in her playing zone is … [Read more...]