Importance Of Play For A Toddler

By Nandini Aravind Importance Of Play For A Toddler If you have found your toddler jumping around acting crazy, playing silly and always engrossed in toys, don’t worry because at this stage play is very important as any other activity. Why is Play so important for a toddler? A toddler is like a sponge absorbing all that is happening around him/her. Their curious minds are always looking to learn something new.  One of the ways by which they learn new things around them is through … [Read more...]

How To Chose Safe Toys For Your Baby

How To Chose Safe Toys For Your Baby   How safe or harmful are the Plastic Toys that your baby plays with? There is some news or the other about the harmful effects of plastic and to think that our precious little ones actually put them in their mouth. Very depressing. When my baby was an infant we did a lot of research on what grade of plastic is good and what isn’t. Some chemicals like PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) are extremely dangerous and and they can be absorbed from some baby toys … [Read more...]

Plan Toys Water Blocks |Toddlers Blocks Review

Plan Toys Water Blocks |Toddlers Blocks Review Hello Everyone, It seems just yesterday that my little angel was so tiny in my arms and today I see her all growing up in matter of time and learning many new things as the days pass! Well, here is a review of an interesting block toys which is the latest fancy for my daughter and I just love to see her engaged with it! Let me give a breif overview of the toy- About Plan Toys Water Blocks |Toddlers Blocks- Plan Toys Water Blocks are an … [Read more...]

Developing Helping Skills|Family Super Set Review

Developing Helping Skills|Family Super Set Review Hello everybody I am sure all of you mothers would agree to the fact that good things need to be taught to growing kids once they are able to understand certain things and your instructions. As they will be able to know right from the beginning what is right thing to do. Here you can teach little things like throwing the used tissues & chocolate wrappers in the waste bin or any other useless thing which you think is of no use, to go … [Read more...]

How To Make Kids Learn Shape And Sizes |Skillofun Beginner Shape Size Sorter

Skillofun Beginner's Shape Size Sorter Hello Everyone, Off late I have been trying to get some really good & useful toys for Anvika rather than those soft toys which eventually find place on the bed top and is rarely used for laying. This time I got her a unique shape size sorter set from Skillofun. I must admit that skillofun comes up with some really unique toy sets which toddlers simply cannot resist and on top of that they get to learn different things from these kind of toys. Coming … [Read more...]

Skillofun Capital Alphabet Tray With Picture

Hello Everyone I am back here with a review of another educational tray which I got for my daughter as she is learning new alphabets an all. The importance of these learning toys is that they make the kid understand objects and alphabets with pictorial representation which makes them remember each and everything perfectly. About Skillofun Capital Alphabet Tray with Picture Key Features Each Side has Four Cavities of Different Categories - Transport, Animals, Fruits and … [Read more...]

Leap Frog Letter Discoveries Review

Leap Frog Letter Discoveries Hello Mommies How are your little ones doing? Well, I am more than happy to see my angel growing fast and learning so many new things with each day. It is really a great moment for parents when there kid starts to learn the basic things like alphabets & numbers at a small age. It really  feels like how these bundles of joy who couldn't speak earlier are able to now narrate rhymes and the alphabets in their sweet childish tone. Well, today I am going to … [Read more...]

Funschool Triple Track Tower Review – Toddlers Games 1-3 Year Old

Funschool Triple Track Tower Review - Toddlers Games 1-3 Year Old Hello Everyone, Today I am here to review an amazing toy which is very appropriate for a toddler and is a fun way to get the toddler learn about how to play in group of 2-3 kids. This is  a triple track tower where three tracks are given which have different elevation levels and each track has a unique uneven  topography. About Funschool Triple Track Tower:- This is a perfectly sized toy apt for toddler's hands. It is … [Read more...]

Mee Mee Fun Learning Laptop Review

 Mee Mee Fun Learning Laptop   My parents live in the eastern part of India whereas we are located in the South of India, so Skype is the best way for them to see their grandson grow up. And whenever we Skype, my son would come and tap his fingers on the keyboard just the way I do, grab the screen, drool on it and what not. Seeing this, without even informing me, my Dad ordered this laptop from Mee Mee for my son to play with. I’m really glad that he did this for my son now plays with … [Read more...]

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise Review

Fisher-Price Laugh and Learn Cookie Shape Surprise   I had heard a lot about Fisher Price from my relatives and discussions going on between parents long before my baby was born. I wasn’t interested much in these discussions back then as I was a kid myself :-P But, after I had my baby this was the first baby toy brand name that flashed in my mind. So, naturally now that I was a mom and my baby had crossed his 6 months mark, I thought of trying out something from Fisher-Price. While … [Read more...]