Beddy Nest- Baby and Child Mattress Review

Beddy Nest- Baby and Child Mattress Review As parents, we always look out for what’s the best for our child right from the beginning. And it really feels good when brands come forward with some amazing innovative products which we had no access to, a few years back. I mean look at the range of baby and child care products which you have around these days makes the beautiful journey of motherhood so much enjoyable and a smooth ride for all the new parents. My daughter is grown up now and all I … [Read more...]

How To Keep Toddlers Healthy With Changing Weather?

How To Keep Toddlers Healthy With Changing Weather? Since the winter season has already started and the season of winter holidays is just round the corner but the thing is during these holidays we make so many plans of travelling to places for vacation which sometimes instantly affect toddlers in particular because they are accustomed to a particular weather where they live and all of a sudden the weather is abruptly changed which affects their immunity and they either catch cough & cold or … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Constipation In Toddlers & Kids

How To Deal With Constipation In Toddlers & Kids Constipation is a very big problem that the kids are subjected to at a very young age. If they are not treated with patience, it could lead to bigger issues and problems going ahead. I have seen this as a big problem myself as my toddler also faces this and has been into quite painful experiences quite often. And that moment, as a helpless parent, you only can look at your baby and wish to have the pain yourself instead. But the truth is … [Read more...]

Toddler Safety Tips This Diwali

By Stuti Khurana Toddler Safety Tips This Diwali Diwali is just round the corner & children are always super excited about the celebrations. However, in order to enjoy to the fullest, it is important that safety is well taken care of. Here we present a few pointers to keep your toddlers safe this Diwali.   Close Supervision: First & foremost, do not leave your little ones unattended. Toddlers should be kept in arms at all times. Be extremely careful with babies who can crawl as … [Read more...]

Common Food Allergens To Avoid For Babies & Toddlers

Common Food Allergens To Avoid For Babies & Toddlers Food allergies are quite common but many of us are not aware of the condition. Sometimes a child shows symptoms like eczema due to food allergy but the reason is often misunderstood and the course of action is not proper. This results in frequent cases of allergic reactions which can be harmful. Some children are allergic to milk while other may not be able to tolerate anything with peanuts in it. This does not mean that you should … [Read more...]

Glycerin & Rose Water For Toddler Skin

Glycerin & Rose Water For Kids Hello Mommies, A lot of you must have heard about glycerin & rose water in various DIY recipes which are commonly used for beauty purposes like moisturization and radiant glow etc. Well, both these ingredients are not only great for mother beauty needs but also serve as great products for the toddler skin as well. Glycerin-   Glycerin is a mild and non-toxic compound which is utilized at home for various skincare needs. It is suitable for super soft … [Read more...]

How To Keep Toddlers In Their Own Bed

By Gayatri L How To Keep Toddlers In Their Own Bed You are reading this post, so you must be a mother and you know well regarding your baby sleep problems. Few children may sleep well but few struggle to sleep properly. They hardly sleep properly and wake in the mid night, get down their bed and find the way to yours. It is very important to help them in this matter.     How to Do It? Here are few tips that can help you in keeping your child to stay on the bed. To … [Read more...]

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap Review

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Buttermilk Soap Hello ladies, How are you all? We moms are usually on look out for products which are good and safe for our babies and at the same time our babies too should like them. I am mostly on quest for good products for me and my daughter, and this search of mine got me a new soap meant for babies and toddlers. Burt’s Bees is a well known brand and when I saw this soap, my mind had no second questions and I got it. This soap was good but not as great as I … [Read more...]

Food Chart For Toddlers

Food Chart For Toddlers Toddlers need maximum nutritional attention in the crucial years of 1-3 years as this period has a remarkable importance because a whole lot of mental and physical development takes place during this time. Mothers are also concerned about what are the appropriate food items that should be ideally included in a toddler's everyday diet so as to aid in proper overall growth and mental development. For this purpose, various studies carried throughout years on the … [Read more...]

Help! My Toddler Throws Away Food : What To Do?

Help! My Toddler Throws Away Food : What To Do? Toddlers are usually picky eaters and tend to reject food at first sight unless they get a taste of it. Mothers are always worried as to innovate ways in which a toddler doesn't reject any food item just with the sight.  Well, the presentation of food items surely holds much importance for the kids and if it looks yummy then only they are going to have a bite of it. Well, it has been observed with several kids that they throw away food items, … [Read more...]