Super Quick Egg Less French Toast Recipe+Video

Super Quick Egg Less French Toast Recipe+Video French toasts are loved both sweet and savory. Kids specially like sweets and its a little difficult to give them something healthy every time. You can quickly make French toasts but the recipe needs eggs and not all of us eat them. Sometimes, we can be out of eggs as well. So whether you do not have eggs or just do not like them, you can still make French toasts easily. Here is a really quick egg-less French toast recipe that everyone will … [Read more...]

Christmas Favorite Food Recipes Toddlers Love

By Rhea Christmas Favorite Food Recipes Toddlers Love Kids and eating habits are definitely not compatible for most kids at the age of 3 and above. With their mothers after them to eat, they are sure to be adamant on not eating. But this is only until you give them something they don’t like. Once you show them some tempting things to eat, they will run after you. Facing the same? Read on for some tempting recipes you could try this Christmas and make them eat full stomach! All these recipes … [Read more...]

Homemade McDonald’s Food Recipes For Kids

By Madhubani Homemade McDonald's Food Recipes For Kids McDonald's is the world's largest chain of hamburger fast food restaurants. Around the corner and around the globe, McDonald's is a vibrant part of our communities. And kids today, they are crazy about Mc Donald’s!   So today, I shall be sharing recipes of two of the best McDonald burger recipes. Your kids are going to love them! Chicken Maharaja Mac Ingredients: Ground Chicken, Eggs, Ginger, Garlic, Worcester Sauce, Clove, … [Read more...]

Bread Poha Recipe- Lunch Box Idea Kids + Video

Bread Poha Recipe- Lunch Box Idea Kids+Video Here I am sharing a very easy recipe for kids that you can give them in lunchbox as well. Poha is a much loved Indian dish but we can make our variations with it. Here I am making a poha like recipe with bread. This bread poha recipe is also quite popular and has texture similar to the usual poha. It is yummy and gets ready quickly. Here are step by step instructions- Ingredients Mustard Seeds- 1 tsp Onion, chopped- 1 cup Curry Leaves- … [Read more...]

Easy Pancake Recipes On Baby Blog

Easy Pancake Recipes On Baby Blog Pancakes are a toddler's absolute favorite when the ingredients like chocolate and vanilla are an essential part of it. I remember my niece always demanding for pancakes when I stayed at her place for about 2 months. I used to think what makes her so fond of these that she is ready to eat it everyday! Well, she did use to have cornflakes once in a while but when she knew that I have made pancakes for breakfast, she was the happiest kid and didn't made any of … [Read more...]

How To Make Oreo Shake In Five Minutes

How To Make Oreo Shake In Five Minutes Hello ladies, How are you all? As you all know in my recent post on what I’ve been doing this weekend, I’ve mentioned that I prepared Oreo shake and I’ll be uploading a video on this on the Mom & Baby TV channel on You Tube. Oreo has continued to be one of the favorite food items which is equally loved by the kids and their parents. We have previously tried some other interesting Oreo recipes like the Oreo Cake Recipe which is an absolute treat for … [Read more...]

Child Snack Idea : Sooji Paratha For Kids + Video

Child Snack Idea : Sooji Paratha For Kids Hello Mommies, Today I am here with a quick and easily prepared snack recipe for kids and this is a great food idea to satisfy the hunger pangs of kids in evenings. It is light and easily digestible for children. Have a look at the ingredients of this Sooji Paratha or sooji flat bread or sooji pancakes as you may also call it. Ingredients- 1 cup fine semolina/sooji 50g Paneer/ Indian Cheese (filling for paratha) Salt (as per taste) Pepper … [Read more...]

How To Give Kiwi Foods To Babies

By Gayatri L How to Give Kiwi Foods to Babies Is it safe to feed kiwi to your baby? When can you give kiwi to your baby and in which form? What recipes can you try? Are these questions in your mind? If you are planning to give kiwi to your baby then you should know everything about it. These fruits are very nutritious. Kiwis are acidic in nature and so before you give it to your baby, you should think twice.     The Benefits for Your Baby: Kiwi is known as Chinese … [Read more...]

Easy Cheese Cake Recipe For Kids

  Easy Cheese Cake Recipe For Kids Kids absolutely love desserts like ice cream, pastries, different types of cakes and muffins. They simply can’t resist the sight of these yummy desserts. Well although too much sugar intake during early days of childhood is not considered good, but mommies can take note of that and invent some dessert recipes on their own and prepare it at home for their little munchkins rather than buying it from outside as that contains a lot of artificial … [Read more...]

5 Interesting Bread Recipes For Toddlers

5 Interesting Bread Recipes For Toddlers When it comes to toddler's favorite food items, bread surely finds a place in that list and in spite of the fact that bread is not considered very healthy food option, mothers cannot simply stop giving this to their kids because it helps in making them other healthy ingredients as well. Believe it or not, the veggies, cheese, potato mash and many other fiber rich food items cannot go alone in a toddler's platter. They will simply resist eating these … [Read more...]