Game For 3 To 7-Year Old Kids : Welcome To Magic Box Inkmeo Family

Game For 3 To 7-Year Old Kids : Welcome To Magic Box Inkmeo Family Hello Everyone! How are you all doing? Recently I happened to visit the World Book Fair which is held every year in Pragati Maidan, Delhi.  Well, if you too are a book lover like me, I must say it’s such a delight visiting the place, especially now when my child is at an age where tonnes of things are available for her! So, for me it has been an yearly ritual to visit this Book Fair. I started visiting the fair when my … [Read more...]

How To Deal With Mother-In-Law Problems

How To Deal With Mother-In-Law Problems- Marriages are one of the most renowned social institutions which are an integral part of our Indian Society. It is much more than a legal agreement as it binds together two people and their families in one big family. A successful marriage relies upon the mutual love and respect for each other along with the peaceful co-existence of their extended families together. Generally, arranged marriages bring together the girl and the boy's family together much … [Read more...]

To Work Or Not To Work – The New Mom’s Delimma

To Work Or Not To Work - The New Mom's Delimma   “To Be or Not to Be” – said William Shakespeare. This phrase is almost synonymous with every woman with a slight twist – To Work or Quit who plans on having a baby and has to decide about whether or not to continue her work. And just like nothing can prepare you about how it is going to be once your baby is born, similarly if you are used to working and have a high flying corporate job it is going to be hard to get used to being at home … [Read more...]

Cream Cheese Filled Chocolate Muffins

Cream Cheese Filled Chocolate Muffins As a kid I had been a great fan of chocolate cakes (who isn't?) and the worst thing is that till date I have not grown up for chocolates and cakes :) After I became mom, my kids too wanted to have only chocolate cakes. I knew the repercussions of eating those refined flour and sugar filled cakes. So I took it as a challenge to convert unhealthy cakes and muffins into healthier ones without compromising on taste. Earlier when my kids were young we never had … [Read more...]

Early To Bed And Early To Rise

Early To Bed And Early To Rise When I was a kid (that was ages ago :P) the toughest task for my mother was to wake me up early in the morning. She used to wake up at 4 am every day and move out for a walk. After her walk I used to be her target. Calling, cajoling used to reach a different level with all kinds of warnings being issued if I didn’t leave the bed “in a minute”. And the best used to be," Sab log apne kam par nikal gaye hain and you are sleeping. If you cannot wake up early, You … [Read more...]

Working Woman’s Dilemma And How To Cope With It

Calling anyone else who has faced the dilemma of returning to work after maternity leave. How did you cope? Having to leave your little one feels quite demoralising at times especially when people belittle you with questions about when you are going back to work, whom you will leave baby with etc. Feels as though you're thought of as someone who has a sub optimal role in the upbringing of your own child. This is a situation which almost every working woman faces. There is no rule or the best … [Read more...]

Warning Your Child About Abuse: How Do You Do It??

Child Abuse I was about 7 or 8yrs when I recall the first incident. I remember being scared to go to a particular store right below our flat because an 'uncle' there would give me the creeps. He'd brush against me and touch me weirdly when my parents weren't looking and it just weirded me out. I never told my parents because it was a shop we always went to and well...who'd expect an old uncle to do anything wrong right?? WRONG! Next I was about 11 when I had a stalker of sorts. He'd be … [Read more...]

8 Tasty Easy Healthy Recipes For Weight Loss

Being a mother is not an easy job.Your first priority remains your child followed by your health, family carrier etc etc.I don't remember taking out time for myself since my baby  birth. All things which I enjoy - be it makeup, food or special things is because of the blogs which I run and I consider my self fortunate for it. Taking out time for fitness is only possible with family support. I do like to go to my gym and so much so I do wish to attend it every single day but my timings don't let … [Read more...]

Manage Breast Feeding When Full Time Working Moms

Hi Everyone ! Career and family belongs to two different worlds. Balancing both these worlds becomes a huge challenge. When you are a working mother you learn the art of managing every thing as though you are a pro and have years of experiencing in this aspect. Time teaches you everything. That’s the beauty of being a mother.   . . I am a software engineer, and software schedules and dates are not easy. The dead lines, tasks for the day, efficiently developing the … [Read more...]