CBeebies Art Magazine – Kids Magazine

CBeebies Art Magazine – Kids Magazine


If you have introduced your child to CBeebies, then you will know how addictive it is. Even adults get stuck to the channel. I fall into this category.

The channel offers entertainment and education series of programmes. The idea is learning through play.

There are many television programs that show many DIY craft projects. But crafts and art is real fun when you get it in your hands. This is where CBeebies Art Magazine comes really handy.

It is targeted for toddlers, pre-schoolers and even kids who have started school. Ofcourse there is no age limit for fun crafts.


CBeebies BBC Art Magazine


CBeebies Art Magazine is the best investment and keeps the kids engaged and excited.

A child always expects mom or dad to spend time or play along with her/him. And making crafts is an excellent way to spend time with your little one. Crafts actually builds every ones creativity, not just kid’s.

Subscription of CBeebies Art Magazine:

CBeebies Art Magazine comes in 12 issues in a year. The frequency of the issues is monthly. A single issue can be bought or for subsequent issues subscription can be made.


CBeebies art magazine


In UK the single copy of this magazine costs £2.99 and twelve issues subscription costs £57.49

There are few online news agents who offer delivery to India too. A single issue costs INR 301 and twelve issues subscription costs INR 7652.

You can try Unique Magazines, the online newsagent. See here 

What does CBeebies Art Magazine consist?

Lots of creativity. Lots of entertainment. Lots of real objects. Lots of child treasure.


kids craft ideas


One main attraction is that the magazine provides sticker badges which reads ‘I am a chef’, ‘I am a pizza maker’, ‘I am a CBeebies artist’. This makes my daughter behave really like one. If she is playing a story teller she really narrates every details of a story to her dolls.

More importantly this book has made her busy with lot of games. She plays even on her own without any company of adults or children.

The magazine comes with lot of stickers. The stickers are the interesting part as it offers creatively sticking them wherever applicable.


Cbeebies art stickers


The magazine comes with tiny pouches of real things like tiny sponges, stuffed cottons, pom-poms, straws, gloopy gum, shiny jewelled stickers, animal ears-paws-tails-eyes-ears-body. Anything related for making the toy that the magazine explains of. Really helpful as you need not go in search of an art-n-crafts shop for the materials.


art n craft items

craft items


It also provides some simple cutting and gluing games of making bunnies, birdies, flowers and such.

My child has developed an immense interest in gluing things. Initially she would stick it all wrong. Now she is a lot better in gluing things.


paper toys for kids


Drawing stuffs is also encouraged here. But my girl is really bad with drawing things. Lets see, subsequent issues of this magazine might improve her skills.


kids drawing guide


Initially kids need our help. Over a period of time, kids would easily identify themselves what should be done next when they are trying out something from the magazine.

Recommendation: Yes! This magazine is a great gift you can give to your child. It would be really great if the channel was brought back in India.

Unfortunately, CBeebies channel was withdrawn from India at the end of November 2012 due to commercial considerations.

Have you bought an issue of CBeebies Art Magazine? Try once. You will surely subscribe for all the 12 issues.

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