Celebrities With Impressive Post-Baby Figures

By Rhea

Celebrities With Impressive Post-Baby Figures

Okay this post is dedicated for women in their post-partum period or those who are about to deliver. I know it is the most challenging and almost a rebirth time for us women. But if you believe me, even tougher is to come back to the shape we started from. To come back to your usual shape, that you proudly owned is all gone once you enter this maternity phase and then with the busy routine, one does not find time to focus on oneself. I am bringing this post to act as an inspiration from the women who have retained their shape back and are going great guns after maternity.

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan


A heartthrob of millions across the world, she has returned back to her shape after a good break of 5 years from her filmy career. She is seen flaunting her figure and physique which is worth a million bucks again. Considering her age, at 42 years, she is the definitely one of the most sexy mothers alive. She had gained a lot of weight and now is back to a slim avatar like she never ever had been a mother. Impressive!

Kim Kardashian

Beautiful Diaper Bags -Kim Kardashian 1

A Hollywood sensation, Kim is definitely one of the hottest mothers alive. With one daughter and now recently born son. Literally in shape after her first delivery, she has been voted as sexy and hot for various global surveys. She has not gained even an inch post-delivery. Now let’s see how time fares as she has given birth to a son during the past week.

Britney Spears

Celebrities With Impressive Post-Baby bodies

An ideal for many women, including me since my teen days. Britney Spears is one female who is known for rave dressing and looking prettier every time you see her in a magazine or TV. She has two sons and is still going strong with her looks!

Halle Berry

Celebrities With Impressive Post-Baby Figures (1)

Marvelous as ever, Halle Berry is a mother of one daughter and one son. She is a rockstar once it comes to maintaining herself. It seems there has been no change in her since years.

Victoria Beckham


Once part of the Spice Girls, she is still the same. Wife of David Beckham, she is the mother of 4 kids and is unbelievably in shape! It is amazing to see her after 4 kids of considerable age. The way she has maintained herself is just commendable.

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

shilpa shetty fashion

An actress, an entrepreneur and a gorgeous mother, this is the best manner in which you could describe Shilpa Shetty Kundra as. She is definitely envy for many as people see her in shape donning those sarees, and western dresses in style as ever. She has never been seen in any off-trending clothes or lifestyle.

Malaika Arora Khan

malaika fashion quotient

A suave figure for many of us to sulk for, Malaika Arora Khan is definitely a youth icon till date. She is a mother of a son and has never looked back upon on her motherhood as something to prevent her from looking hot. She is one female you could say is young as ever.

I am not sure how we would fare with this motherhood but I am sure I would want to be the way I am always. These celebrities are enough examples for us to motivate ourselves and try and find time for ourselves to stay fit.

What do you  think of these Celebrities With Impressive Post-Baby Figures?

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