Checklist for babies on the go!

When travelling with a baby it is good to always prepare a list of things needed to take along with you.  They can come at you like lightening out of no where and put you in a mighty fix.  The most important things on the list being medicine, feeding material and clothes.

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Start your preparations a few days before you travel.  Keep your list in your reach at all times and note down an item as soon as you remember it.t on a table or dresser as you think of them.  In the list below you will see that the list should not only be about the baby but you as well.  For you to give the best to your baby you need to have a couple of things in place for yourself as well.

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 20 Things To Carry While Travelling With A Baby :-




  • Depending on how often your child needs a change,  enough of clothes x the number of days and shoes/socks.
  • Diapers and changing mat
  • Keep an extra set of clothes for you incase the baby soils you as well plus disposable breast pads if you are feeding
  • Wet wipes and Sanitizer
  • Towel, soap, talcum powder, moisturiser and nappy rash cream
  • Toilet roll for an emergency mop up.
  • Plastic bags for soiled pampers.
  • Lightweight plastic feeding utensils/bottle/bibs
  • Food products/powder in air tight pouches or bags
  • Healthy energy filled snacks to keep you going
  • Babys most loved toys and pacifier
  • Medicine that the child takes in a protective container or leak proof bag
  • Don’t forget to carry the baby’s doctor’s number with you at all times
  • Mineral water bottle
  • 4-5 Clean sheets/blanket.  Place them where the baby sits, cover them with it, cover yourself when you are feeding… the oppurtunities to use them are endless.
  • Mosquito repelent cream or gadget
  • Stroller or portable crib
  • Scissors, small paring knife and cleaning tools
  • Sling or front carrier.  This is a hands free way to keep your child safe and close to you at all times in crowded places.

As little as they are babies require a surprising amount of stuff.  Making a checklist of items will make you feel better prepared,  it will help you pack efficiently and make your travel a whole lot easier.

P.S. Don’t forget the nanny if you have one!

Have you ever made traveling checklist for baby? What did you include? What have we missed out? Let us know…


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  1. nice list ana…!!! 🙂

  2. few days back i went for a movie with my baby and K and suddenly i relalised i forgot to pack the baby wipes..Gosh! i had tough time.Nice list Chris !

  3. Gr8 List Chris! Sacchi…its can b such a harrowing experience totravel with a kid..and if there’s more than one then it’s mind boggling..its gr8 to have something like this to refer to..

  4. good list……..I always carry my mini induction coil with me, in case i need to heat or boil something. All this is possible when you are traveling in your own vehicle.

  5. cool……i have a cup that has a chrger that can beused in car to heat water or milk…..comes really handy

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