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Around one and a half year back  I used to doubt my own ability or my own potential of being a future mother.I still question myself whether I will be able to do justice to my new role but I am taking things positively.I think that if you believe in something, God himself lays down the path.For example, I never even imagined the support which I got from friends and dear ones especially Zara and Rashmi who made me feel  on top of the world.

Coming to my diaper story after the above one 😀 Come on! We women have lots to tell all the time :P.Rash is a diaper bag hoarder and when she told me about her obsession, I’m beginning to develop it too even before the baby arrives.lolz.

So when she was sending me a diaper bag I asked her to get one extra also as I won’t be satisfied with one anyway :P.So the below green diaper bag is a gift from Rash which I found better than my bag :).I truly loved what Rash sent. Its a  huge messenger bag which has lots of room for everything.

Indian online shopping sites still need to get more variety of diaper bags. Compared to other foreign countries, bags in India are expensive and lack designs and variety .I wish some good branded companies start focusing in this area soon.

Mee Mee Diaper Bag:-

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I have just put few things.Okay! 4-5 things but still it looks pretty much  empty.There is double zipper up so nothing will fall out and  two pocket on backside and front side. It’s smooth and beautiful and there are drink pockets in interior as well.

It’s little bulky  but in this I can carry my personal things as well so I can avoid taking my bag with me when I have a long day although I can never think of  NOT taking my bag with me right now.

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This is a small cute soft bag which I got it for myself through Rash.It has just one zipper in it so organizing thing is little difficult when compared to the above one .It’s cute and I would love to take it when I am feeling too mommie kinds 😀

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Janam Ghutti Newborn

Rash also sent me a cute little silver Janam Ghutti spoon.(It’s a sweet syrup which is given to the new born in our culture by the elderly) .I am just so overwhelmed by her gesture.:-*

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janam ghutti newborn

What To Expect Heidi Murkoff

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When all the mommies told me about “What To Expect” book I just sent the link to Daddy who gifted it to me through flipkart.(Best thing about being a mom .You can ask anything for the baby and it will be there 😉 ).I am hooked to the book  and right now on the third chapter.There are a few things which are not related to our type of society such as sending cloth nappies for laundry or hiring educated nannies.Some how in India things are pretty simple with lot of help all around because of which a new mommie definitely gets lot of time for herself to relax.

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Little update on my health.I entered my 38th week .Post coming up soon 🙂

Which Diaper Bag is your favourite and where did you get it from?


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  1. The bags are cute, many of friends don’t carry Diaper bags, they get these huge hand bags & carry their kids stuff in them.

  2. I agree wid mary.. i’m one among those who use a huge hand bag… ana i c J&J products.. i suggest u to use seba med products much much better.. n ya don use the J&J oil for the baby.. it tans them.. i dono how.. my mom used it on my nephews legs and put him in the sun.. he tanned only in the leg area wer she put the oil :P… olive oil s gud!! looks lik i have a lot to say on even on a small thing.. 😛

  3. Awwwww ..pampered Mommaa.. such cute stuff.. lucky mumma U r! 😀

  4. The bags are lovely ana! The one u bought is soooo cute while the one rash gave is soooo practical lol! N u got the book!!! Yaaaay! 🙂

  5. this is soooo cute ana … i wanted to see the bags filled with baby stuff and now am so emotional …. want to hear good news ASAP XOXO 😀 😀

  6. Yes yes! i got the book..which chapters do u recommend reading first..?

  7. Hmm..i just read it in the order it is written. Y’know I also got “what to expect the toddler years” n have been reading it. Yea..that’s how much i love this series lol. It covers everything month by month until the child is 3 yrs old!!

    • The best thing to do is read “1st month” when the baby is 1 month old and “2nd month” when baby is 2 months old n so on. If u finish reading the chapters in advance u may forget n will not be able to check up on the milestones accomplished. It’s also amazingly accurate n you’l actually see the baby behaving just like what’s written 🙂

  8. how interesting na..some how we all mom wants to know everything..i am currently reading the feeding chapter…and i think i should order a breast pump right now..

    • hehe..i felt the same but my friend asked me not to get the pump since her doc told her the sucking action of the pump is unnatural n will affect the way baby draws milk. I debated for months n finally decided against it since the pump is a necessity only if you’re working n have to leave the baby at home all day with a caregiver.

      • oh!i thought that if i will have problem in feeding the baby then instead of torturing myself i will make use of the pump.

        • when my son struggled to drink milk initially, i asked my doc abt breast pump, she said a big no.. she said she doesn’t recommend that even for working moms..its natural when a child drinks the milk completely, the milk starts producing inside.. as and when the child finishes, it starts preparing.. interesting isnt it.. using pump is also v painful for the moms..

          • Laxmi but i have heard that there is excess amount of milk in the beginning therefore it is better to take it out ..i should discuss this with my gyna this time.

          • Ana, initial milk is full of nutrients.. anyways, check with ur doc..

  9. oh! i will follow that..i am so loving the mommie talks with you Nafisa :-*

  10. Ana…the bags are so cutie cutie…all the best sweety….give my love to chunmun….I just love calling your baby by that name….I hope you won’t mind..:-)

  11. wowww soooo sweeet dear

  12. come on Prachi..why will i mind a name which has been chosen out of so much of love and affection.
    thank u so much 🙂

  13. sweet Rashmi is..such lovely gifts esp that seconds bag..loved it

  14. d giraffe’s face looks so cute.. like a cow 😛 :O 😀

  15. this is one lucky mommy.
    the bags r really cute.
    we use silver gutti to feed milk and medicines. it is really helpful for toddlers when they throw tantrums to take medicines.
    I had lent that book to three of my friends. its really helpful in understanding babies.
    I agree with the part that few things do not suit our culture or way of life.

  16. Revathy says:

    wow.. the Mee Mee bag is funky enough to flaunt around.. no one wud believe its a diaper bag until they do a peek-a-boo into it 😀

    the second bag too is super cute with velvety soft cloth.. and hey i first thought tat was a cow… then uska body dekha to it was a giraffe…. 😀

  17. i use a similar bag.. though it is bulky, it has many rooms inside and on all sides, easy to organize; otherwise i wd b searching.. i m not carrying my own hand bags as i can carry my stuff in this too.. my son is nw 3 yrs, even now i carry these bags, as i need to carry lot of things including small toys, books, snacks to keep him busy during travelling.. 🙂

  18. like both the bags.. they are cute.. as u said, first one would be more useful and comfortable..

  19. Upasana says:

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 😀 😀 😀 😀

  20. Awww… cute bags!!! takes me back 20 months when I did all this stuff 🙂 I would really suggest reading the book as much as you can before you start taking care of the baby yourself… you know we always have tons of time @ mothers…. I remember the book too 🙂

  21. cute post….. all mee mee products are good… hey its a giraffe only with a proper giraffe head.. wheres the cow??? 🙂

  22. Pradnyaa says:

    Nice bags Ana, the first one is really easy for organising and taking things out with one hand when necessary 🙂

  23. Wow!! Tis is sooo cute! N I luv d janam ghutti spoon!! So sweet f rash 🙂 🙂

  24. Ana..
    Also get a toiletries basket.. one in plastic.. Its very useful. You can keep all the toiletries for babies safe and clean. Mee Mee has some good ones. And also you can get some at local stores. Virgin coconut oil is also good for massaging. They are light and not fragranced.

    • Hi Deepa, can you give me the link of the toiletries basket please.

      • Ana.. heres the link..
        if this is not available.. u can get good ones in shops.. good plastic baskets..
        u can keep all baby stuff in it.. Powder, lotion, wipes, cream, diaper rash cream etc..
        Plus remember to purchase a good bottle cleaning brush.. the brand hello baby has some very good ones.. they hve a combi set of 2 brushes.. one to clean the bottle and the smaller one for the bottle nipple.. also get a bottle of baby bottle cleaning liquid.. these are safe… dont order it online.. as my friend got cheated and they sent her a bottle which was too old.. so best to get it done yourself.. or ask your friend to do it for you… take care..

  25. Hi Ana.. I like those bags.. I was about to comment on the book that you got and was gonna tell you to read it if you find time.. It’s great you already have it. I had gifted that book to my daughter… she was too lazy to read the whole book..the book is quite huge.

    Ana take care..

    Bless you and the little one about to arrive..


  26. Madhura says:

    hi Ana
    just chk this out . this might be useful to u as many of the new mother face the problem of inverted nipples.

  27. Madhura says:
  28. thanks Madhura..:)

  29. gal I am loving this baby blog so much, I had miscarriage last year and now planning for baby…but after reading this cute blog…I think I need to work on many areas of life…before getting my angel in my life…thnx ana…will read all topics of this wonderful blog …….

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