Diaper Myth Busting : Why Choose Diapers?

Diaper Myth Busting: Why Choose Diapers

Diapers are extremely important for the comfort of your baby, but one debate every mother comes across is cloth vs disposable diapers?

Cloth vs Disposable Diapers

What are the factors to consider?

Damp clothes attract bacteria the most and that is why it is always advised to dry your baby’s clothes properly in the sun even after it has dried in the washing machine! Now, imagine if your cloth diaper has not dried properly! A new mother has a lot on her plate, and changing the cloth diapers every hour and making sure to wash them again and dry them quickly is a definite challenge!

Diaper Myth Busting!Why Choose Diapers_

One of the most common myths are that Pampers diapers cause rashes while cloth diapers don’t and I find it really ridiculous because there are more chances that the cloth will be wet quickly when compared to a pant style diaper. There are more chances of rashes from damp clothes only, which brush the skin and cause rashes on the baby’s bottom while diapers absorb so much amount of pee that it is only after a number of good hours, it will feel that the diaper needs to be changed!

Pampers Dry Pants = Night long sleep & comfort

We have so many elderly women telling us that how diapers hamper breath-ability of the skin as compared to using cloth which is entirely a myth as the Pampers diapers are carefully designed and the material used is really soft for baby’s skin and is not merely a plastic as many believe! It is as breathable as the most comfortable cloth you have ever got for your baby!

get baby out of your bed

Some say, that thin diapers are not effective and layers of cloth will be more suitable for keeping your baby’s bottom dry! This is yet another myth which needs to be busted as Pampers dry pants, with three channel absorbent technology,  has a unique absorption material which is really soft and is much more effective in holding pee for longer hours.

Ultra soft & better absorption = No Skin Rashes

Also, the Pampers pant style diapers are really one of the most easy to use essentials for a baby! When your baby is not in the best mood or is cranky it becomes very difficult to lay them down and put on the stick on diapers which were initially used! Instead the pant style diapers from Pampers have made a mother’s job really easy and she can easily put this diaper on her baby without anyone holding the baby’s feet together to properly place the diapers in the middle portion so that it doesn’t leak! Pant style diapers are really easy to put on and much easier to remove as well! Whether you are at home or travelling, changing diapers has become really easy and most mothers will equally agree on this!

Overall, there are a lot of other people who will constantly judge you for using diapers for your baby since its arrival and this should not be a matter of importance because a mother knows what is right for her baby and if she uses Pampers Pant Style diapers, she can surely trusts that it is the best for her baby! 🙂

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