First Multicoloured Benetton Jumpsuit From Shweta

Hello everyone!

Thanks for the sweet wishes which were sent to Anvika. Although the party is still on and it is turning out to be kind of a birthday week for her.I must say that I am enjoying Wise She baby blog a lot and I wish to pay more attention to it in the coming time. It’s something which I think all the readers of this blog have been wishing too.

Coming to this week’s dress. This was sent to Anvika by Shweta and its the first time she wore a jumpsuit. Although she has tried rompers before. It’s a jumpsuit from Benetton and she sent me through baby oye site here
Benetton jumpuit baby one year


I love the fit and the colour which is totally summery but one of the biggest drawbacks of this jumpsuit is that it doesn’t have buttons underneath to change the diaper.I have to take out whole of the jumpsuit if Anvika’s poops in it.I don’t know why Benetton didn’t think about it .

Baby clothing benetton one year baby blog


I am crazy about jumpsuit and I love making my baby wear it too. They look cool and comfy and moreover it’s stretchable therefore Anvika will be able to wear it for 6-7 more months easily.


One year babyjump suit multi colour

I got a pretty benetton skirt also for Anvika which too has diaper changing problem.I don’t know what Benetton was thinking when making clothes for toddlers.

Have you tried the Benetton clothes before ? Did you also experience the same problem?

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  1. Hey ana…she is so cute n looks just like u….nice eyes….

  2. Thanks Leela ๐Ÿ™‚ Hopefully ! she will look much much better than her mommie ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. She has such beautiful eyes… muaah….loving these posts

  4. My my! She looks soo sweet ! Touchwood!

  5. Tarun Preet says:

    I could not stop laughing looking at her in the second pic. Ana, it seems you asked her to stand properly, her body posture shows how attentive she is ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Anvika totally has you eyes Ana ๐Ÿ™‚ she is too cute… muaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  7. Acchoddaaa she is sooo cute ..Touchwood . What you said is 100% right , there should be provision of open buttons at the diaper area so that its easier for quick change.

  8. Very very interesting blog. I read this blog. Thank you for making this blog…

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