Fisher Price Toddlerz Tappy The Turtle Review

Fisher Price Toddlerz Tappy The Turtle  


I bought this Fisher Price Toddlerz Tappy The Turtle from the Firstcry website last week. Fisher Price has always been famous for the quality of products and this one is no exception. I got this one for our little daughter who is nine months old now. I thought it will be a nice toys for her to push and laugh with. And i’m glad she has liked it.


Fisher Price Toddlerz Tappy The Turtle


Brand: Fisher- Price

Price: Rs. 899/- You may get it from flipkart here.

Where I bought it: From the Firstcry website.

Suitable Age group: For kids who are one and a half year old, but kids of all ages will be attracted to it. Thanks to those bright colours.

Packaging: It came in a huge box that’s see-through on one side. The whole toy is neatly tied up with twine by it’s bottom to the inside of the box, so it doesn’t move or tilt.

Colour: It is very beautiful and brightly coloured, which is very appealing to kids.


Fisher Price Tappy The Turtle


About Fisher Price Toddlerz Tappy The Turtle:

Tappy The Turtle is basically a huge turtle which has five differently coloured pushable shapes on it back. It comes with a red mallet.

The toddler is supposed to push all the shapes in, using the hammer and the head of the turtle suddenly pops out. And if the head is again pushed in, the shapes pops out of the shell again.

My Verdict for the Toddlerz Tappy The Turtle:

Educational and activity toys are also a better option when it comes to select toys for your children but since I got this Fisher Price Toddlerz Tappy The Turtle when there was some sale going on the firstcry website, I thought it was worth buying.

Otherwise I think I would have just prefered something else over it, may be books or stuff like that.


Tappy The Turtle Fisher price


It’s not doubt a beautiful and colourful toy to have around your little one but I strongly have a feeling that it is a bit overpriced or rather overrated, given that it’s by a very very famous brand.

What I like about the Toddlerz Tappy The Turtle:

  • The bright and beautiful colours are very attracting.
  • The material used in making is of excellent quality.
  • This toy helps developing your toddlers eye-hand coordination.
  • It helps the toddler identify different shapes and colours.
  • It helps in enhancing child problem-solving ability.

What I don’t like about the Toddlerz Tappy The Turtle:

  • It’s way too pricy and not affordable by middle-class parents.
  • The packaging was too complicated for me to open.


Fisher Price Tappy The Turtle  Toddlerz


Do I recommend it to other parents:

Yes, I would definitely recommend it to parents who can afford pricey educational and activity toys for their kids, the ones that can help build and enhance the child’s abilities. But if you are someone who want to live a simple and happy life on a tight budget then just give it a miss. Your child can learn about shapes and colours by some other ‘better’ means, because there is a ‘world’ of good yet affordable stuff out there.

My Rating: 3/5

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