Food To Avoid During Your Pregnancy

Food to avoid during your pregnancy
These nine months may be the most challenging months of your life. With your body undergoing a number of changes, you need to be extra careful about yourself as well as your surroundings. Watching your diet should on top of your list.  Most everyone says a mother should eat for two because she needs to take care of one more life. Is it true?  Well, one things for sure a mother should eat a healthy and balanced meal to sustain both her and the baby inside her.
Here are a list of things you must avoid to ensure a smooth pregnancy.  Sometimes you might feel like it’s a long list,
but here are the basics:

Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy :-

  • It is prescribed by doctors that intake of Vitamin A must be controlled because it may cause damage to embryo.
  • Raw meat, eggs and fish: These can infect you with salmonella or toxoplasmosis.  Avoid sushi and rare meats.
  •  Unpasteurised products: milk and soft cheeses because of the way cheese is made it may contain harmful bacteria.
  • Raw Eggs: Salmonella is the risk from raw egg. Avoid cake batter, raw cookie dough, homemade ice cream, custards, mayo, egg nog or Hollandaise sauce.
  • Fish: Mercury can be harmful to you baby because it can lead to brain damage. Foods to avoid: tilefish, king mackerel shark and sword fish.
  • Warm foods: Dates, pappaya, hing, cut down the mango
  • Heaty foods: Unripe papayas are not safe. An unripe or semi-ripe papaya is rich in a substance called latex.  It is known to have a concentrated form of latex that may trigger uterine contractions.  Papaya skin is also dangerous.  Ripe papayas are fine and a good source of vitamins but if you are unsure about it do consult your doctor.
  • Those who suffer from constipation, gas, bloating must avoid peas and other `heavy to digest’ cereals.
  • Too much acidic foods could cause nausea
  • Skip aerated or caffeine-based beverages like coffee, tea and colas. Too much caffeine may affect the growth of baby.
  • Please carry out fasts on the advice of your doctor only during pregnancy.
  • Do not eat left over, frozen & deep-frozen food.
  • Avoid eating from delis and restaurants.  You don’t know how fresh the ingredients are.  You could get food poisoning.
  • No matter how much people force you to eat things that you know are not good for you, try to maintain your stand and do what’s best for you
Remember, the baby inside depends on you for proper nutrition so do not forget to have supplemental nutrients while maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet.  Do get a list of healthy Indian foods and meals from doctor/dietician to have a successful pregnancy and a healthy baby.

What are some of the things you avoided during your pregnancy?  Tell us, we are sure our readers would love to know.


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