Help! Navel Piercing After Pregnancy

Help! Navel Piercing After Pregnancy

Body piercing has attracted so many women all over the world to get the funk and style. Ear & nose piercings have been the most common one among girls and there are others who adore the navel piercing!  Well, the other piercings like the ear lobe, nose, lips or any other one is not affected by pregnancy but the Navel piercing definitely gets affected to the most possible extent.

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We have several reader queries regarding taking care of piercings and also in relation to how to take care of nave piercing after delivery! Here is one which we will be talking about today!

Help! Navel Piercing After Pregnancy

Belly button piercing has a very stylish quotient attached to it and those girls who dare to do it naturally grab up all the attention with their pretty piercing which peeps out from a crop top or low waist denim pants!

One thing that every women should take care of while opting for belly button piercing is that its appearance will drastically change when she conceives and there is nothing she can do to completely prevent it except for taking proper care of it!

As the belly grows during pregnancy , the navel piercing scar gets developed because you are bound to discard the belly button ring at some point of time during pregnancy due to inconvenience.

Here are few things which need to be taken care of to avoid the piercing scar and also to prevent any infection in the navel area during pregnancy!

Talk to the Doctor

It is the first advice to always consult your doctor about your navel piercing and its affects on the growing belling during pregnancy. If they suggest you any kind of infection of tearing of the navel piercing, listen to them and get rid of it much before you belly becomes evident. In many cases, navel piercing gets torn when the belly grows abruptly and it may cause serious metal infections which lead to problems with the developing baby!

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Do Not Touch

Don’t take your hand always on the belly button piercing and let it be like that. If you fiddle too much there are chances of irritating the skin of your navel piercing.

Opt for Fake Piercings

As your belly grows each month the skin of the navel area too changes a lot and it poses serious threats to the skin around your belly button, if you still want to continue with using the rings, opt for a plastic or magnetic belly piercing rings as they will adjust as the tummy grows. You can even go for fake piercings without the risk of an actual navel piercing!

Proper Navel Skincare

You need to be extra cautious of the navel skin and clean it once with a soft cloth in a day. Don’t rub it but gently clean it. Apply a skincare cream for healing and moisturizing the skin so that there are lesser chances of any infection. Don’t use harsh soaps to clean the belly button.

Well, these were some of the must know things if you already have or are planning to have a navel piercing done in the recent time!

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