How To Deal With Constipation In Toddlers & Kids

How To Deal With Constipation In Toddlers & Kids

Constipation is a very big problem that the kids are subjected to at a very young age. If they are not treated with patience, it could lead to bigger issues and problems going ahead. I have seen this as a big problem myself as my toddler also faces this and has been into quite painful experiences quite often. And that moment, as a helpless parent, you only can look at your baby and wish to have the pain yourself instead. But the truth is you need to act on it with perseverance and deal with your baby tactfully.

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There are certain facts that are resulting into the problem and that lead to the big issue of constipation. The lack of fiber intake is one of the biggest causes of constipation which has been reported in various medical journals and publications. The other cause is the water intake which if reduced to a certain level does not work fine for a kid’s metabolism. It is in fact, not good for any human being of certain age, leave alone a kid.

Another reason is the diet! Yes the diet! Apart from the fiber intake, the kids need to be put to a good eating habit which should include a balance of nutrients and not more or less quantities of some specific food. There should be required amount of carbohydrates, protein, and vitamins in their intake to give them a healthy lifestyle. Since it is their growing time, we must ensure this as the best required solution to the horrifying problem of constipation which can grow chronic if not paid heed to.

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There is another issue called lack of physical activity, which also leads to an irregular and painful bowel movement leading to constipation. The symptoms like blood in the stool, tightness, smelly excretion are all forms of constipation and if not acted upon could be a big problem for the kids.

Intake of fruits and vegetables should also be enhanced. Specially for the sake of increasing the bowel movement, some fruits and vegetables need to be avoided. Like, for example, one should avoid bananas as they are constipating for some kids. Rice should be replaced with brown rice as they are more helpful. More of fruits like prunes, plums, apricots should be added to their diet to provide fiber enough for good bowel movements.

Whole wheat food items should be added to their diet and the fast food intake should be minimized to a considerable level, like once in a month or if not then at least to once in a fort night.

Dry fruits like Raisins are quite useful and should be part of their intake on a daily basis. We should avoid white carbohydrates like sweets and white bread. Even Soda in any form should be avoided. Most kids are fond of carbonated drinks which lead to constipation or aggravate the problem.

Apart from this, we should also try to motivate them to pass the stool even if it is little painful. May be rewarding them or applauding them so that eventually the fear of passing goes away and they are mentally strong to pass it. One should, as a parent, understand that threatening them to poop would not work as it would make them feel as if they are being punished. We should refrain from such behavior and take it patiently.

I hope these things give you an idea about how much strenuous this problem could be for the little ones and how we should treat them.

How do you  Deal With Constipation In Toddlers & Kids?

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