How To Take Care Of Baby Skin During Summers

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Summers are really harsh in India and when it comes for your little munchkin, it is even harsher. ๐Ÿ™ Heat rashes, irritation. sweat are but a few problems that your little baby will face in this harsh weather which becomes even more important to take care of his/her skin this summer. Here are some ways in which you can do that without many efforts ๐Ÿ™‚

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How to take care of baby skin:

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Bath right:ย Bathing is one of the most important things that you can do this summer to your baby. Make sure to bath the little one twice and that too with lukewarm water. Don’t make the water too warm or too cold as that can make the baby skin dry and she/he can catch a cold. Bathing is important as long as you do it right.

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Diapers:ย Changing diapers is one of the most important tips for skin care this summer for your baby’s skin. Change the diapers frequently and always wipe the portion with a wet wipe that is anti-bacterial. Wash the area with warm water and pat it dry. Let it air dry and then put some lotion to keep the area soft and some powder to keep it dry.

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Products:ย The products that you use on your little flower’s skin is really important as chemical laden products are so harmful to your baby’s skin. Always use products that are chemical free, no-tears formula that is non-allergic to your baby’s skin. Always apply a moisturiser to the skin so that the skin is hydrated, moisturised and soft.

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Weather:ย Sunlight is really important for babies skin but only after 6 months of age. Make sure to apply SPF 30 sunscreen all over the body and that too 30 mins before exposing into the sun. But don’t keep them bare bodied. Always make sure to wrap them in some loose cloth made of cotton to prevent heat rashes.

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