How To Use Lybrate Mobile App For Pregnancy & Baby Care

How To Use Lybrate Mobile App For Pregnancy  & Baby Care

Hello All Mommies,

Today I am not her to share any topic of discussion for baby care or have any recipes to share! Today I am just here to acquaint you all with a latest online consultation platform which is slowly and steadily gaining popularity with more and more users!

I seldom get so many queries related to baby care or pregnancy related concerns which a number of ladies share! Well, it is surely great to ask it to others but not all of the mothers have the same experience ans so a particular remedy may not work for other!

common food allergens to avoid for babies and toddlers

Well, there arise a confusion and a new mom who is not aware of any of these things sometimes ends up getting confused or paranoid about it. No one else than a medical expert or a gynecologist or a child specialist who regularly deals with such type of concerns can easily answer these mom and baby related queries!

So to make things easier, we have a very innovative concept of online medical consultation through Lybrate mobile app! This is such a user friendly application that a novice who is not so well versed with using internet applications can go ahead and try how it works!


Lybrate mobile app is just a mobile clinic fr most moms who are either too busy balancing life and career after the baby is born or cannot approach a very good medical practitioner unless they have a family member who can take them to the doctor! Now if your doctor is just a tap away and you can always consult your problems while you are in the office or returning home in the metro train!

Lybrate mobile app has certainly made things very easier for so many working mothers! They can just register using their details and can put up any of the doubts about baby or fertility , pregnancy related stuff with the team of doctors and lybrate and the concern doctor will get back to them with suitable response!

  lybrate online baby care

Just as you visit the doctor, similarly you can directly discuss your issues with the doctor and they wll follow up within 24-48 hours with further details!

These days the climate s drastically changing and in spite of all the precautions, many babies fall sick which is a major concern for most moms! So now you can put up your questions related to proper baby care or any doctor approved home remedy, even you can ask for medicines from the team of doctors as they all are certified profession practitioners who have come together to make the online medical consultation a popular platform to address more and more health concerns!

Pregnant examined by a doctor

You can easily download the Lybrate app in cellphone and can drop in your problems any time of the day!

The lybrate app is designed in such a way that it sends regular updates about baby and mother care and some commonly prevalent myths and facts about pregnancy and baby care which every new mom should be aware of!

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You can share all this tips and updates with your close friends and family members who have kids or expecting women in your knowledge to help them know about this amazing online health consultation!

One can also upload the related reports or pictures of their baby’s problem area like rashes, fungal infection, dry dandruff patches etc and ask for relevant medication from the reporting doctor!

So, I would surely recommend all the moms to download this app now and get some unique health consultation for free!

Have you tried the Lybrate Mobile App?

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