It’s Your Body Stretch Mark Cream Review

Mothercare It’s Your Body Stretch Mark Cream 

When I disclosed my pregnancy news to Rash she was over joyed with happiness and with in a week she sent me a huge gift pack consisting of  multiple mother care products. Ofcourse it has a lippi also as a gift  too 😛 Rash will always be Rash :D. As I was just one and half month pregnant, the idea of applying stretch mark cream didn’t creep in but when she sent me the cream, I started using it  diligently.

It's Your Body Stretch Mark Cream Review+stretch mark cream reviews mothers car


About It’s your body stretch Mark Cream:-

Mother care understand the effect having a baby has on your body, just as we understand the amazing changes having a baby brings to your life .We have created it’s your Body Stretch Mark cream, specially formulated with sweet almond oil and shea butter to help soothe and moisturise the skin.Regular use of this soft cream helps to improve skin elasticity and minimise the risk of the stretch marks that may appear during pregnancy.

  • Price – Rs 550 for 200ml (Not sure about the price but it was somewhere this much)


How To Use Stretch Mark Creams:-

Gently Massage the cream into the skin twice a day in a circular motion, paying particular attention to the abdomen, thighs, waist and breasts avoiding the nipple areas.


Stretch mark cream reviews ingredients+shea butter and almond oil for stretch marks

I wont say I was completely committed to the product in the sense that company instructed it to be used twice a day which I didn’t follow but I managed to complete one and half tube of the stretch mark cream. I re purchased this in my sixth month if I remember correctly. In between I also applied Body Shop Body butter and Baby oil but that was very rarely used.I skipped body shop body butter as I wasn’t sure of the ingredients present in it.

Now I am just few weeks due and I barely have stretch marks .I do see slight lines but they are almost negligible. I have read that stretch marks are genetic and my mom has no stretch marks what so ever so that can be one of the reason of my skin not suffering from the problem but I myself feel that this product did help me in preventing them.

stretch mark cream mothercare+mother care stretch mark creams pregnancy

Cream has a sweet almond smell and takes 2-3 minutes in getting absorbed into the skin .It will suit sensitive skin and ofcourse it won’t affect the baby in anyway.It’s a little thick in consistency and in summers I don’t enjoy applying it but It’s my Body 😉 and I love taking care of it.

Stretch marks have to be taken with a pinch of salt but if proper care is given from the first trimester they can definitely be prevented to some good level.

Did you suffer from Stretch Marks in your pregnancy.What Stretch Mark Cream has worked best for you ?


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  1. nice nice will keep dis in mind 😉 :-p

  2. Preetha says:

    seems to b a gud product..these tips wil really b useful wen i plan for a baby..thanku Ana..:)

  3. So sweet of Rash!!! Experience speaks! she knows exactly wot to get na??? i’m gona consult both of u whne my time comes…ill hav double the advice! 🙂 🙂

  4. I used palmer’s.. My mom has more stretch marks.. so she advised me to apply.. I too didnt follow applying twice.. i applied only goin before bed.. But it didnt help me much.. .. btw we have mothercare here in saudi too.. we got few clothes for my son.. but i havent seen skin products there..

    • Laxmi..stretch marks r genetic..if mom has it then chances of daughter having it is quite high..mothercare is easily available online also..isn’t ?

  5. hehe..Haan! i hope u both get preggi at the same time so i will have so much fun talking to you ..

  6. Oh u used Mothercare!!! 🙂 The instructions are so nice and clear. I used Palmer’s cocoa butter religiously but only on my abdomen. I got no stretch marks at all and thought maybe it’s just coz my skin is not prone to it. It turns out, i got marks where i dint use it…namely my thighs 🙁 This proved that the cream worked wonders and I’d totally reccomend it. One important thing: remember to use it even 6 months after u deliver 🙂

    • is it..alright i will do that..will continue till 6th months.thank for the tip..did scratch when it itched o your thighs..that to result in stretch marks.

      • no yaar…i was aware of that so i dint scratch. But i gained like 20kgs in my pregnancy so it cud be coz of that

  7. thats really nice of you ana 😀 😀 ….. am glad you find this good …. 😀 😀 … where r smiliesssss XOXO 😀

  8. I applied bodyshop shea butter as the doc suggested. But I did get stretch marks 🙁

    Initially had some terrible inferiority related to that but got used to it 🙁 Cant do anything.

  9. congo Pongo 😀

    I soon wish 2 c wiseshe’s pics n videos here 😀 😀

  10. All d very best Ana…and nice review…:) and tip for sure..
    taking notes…will surely help when times comes

  11. hii Ana from where you purchased this plz let me know

  12. Pradnyaa says:

    Stretch marks are in genes :-/ :((

    My friend had twins, she got a few light marks and they disappeared. and with one single baby I have a whole lot of them!
    But it does help to an extent if you use the creams or olive oil … actually any moisturizer strong enough early in the pregnancy and frequently. Towards the end even twice isn’t enough.

    Hey Ana, don’t forget to apply it even after delivery to lighten the marks.

  13. i used d same one and its such an amazing product..

  14. Revathy says:

    Ana .. u r gonna be my productologist when i get into a family way in the future 😀

  15. is der anything to use post pregnancy???i have stretch marks 🙁

  16. hey ana ! wat r u using now …i’ve lots of stretch marks , was using the body shop’s body focus bt nt tat regularly (after delivery)

  17. Hi, i m 21 year old girl..& i m from indore (India)….i have soooo many stretch marks on my tummy..they look soo bad 🙁 I want to remove them in 4 months..after 4 month is my marrige…so before marriage i want to make thm clear so wht can i do plss tell me???? 🙁 any home remdy to remove thm or suggest any indian stretch marks removal cream??? pls help…. its urgent thanks!

  18. I have not used any oil or stretch Mark cream till now and I am due now next month
    will using any of them now be of help now??

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