How To Keep Toddlers Healthy With Changing Weather?

How To Keep Toddlers Healthy With Changing Weather?

Since the winter season has already started and the season of winter holidays is just round the corner but the thing is during these holidays we make so many plans of travelling to places for vacation which sometimes instantly affect toddlers in particular because they are accustomed to a particular weather where they live and all of a sudden the weather is abruptly changed which affects their immunity and they either catch cough & cold or suffer from fever!

Being a mother, you need to take care of these things well in advance so as to make your baby stronger & healthy throughout the harsh winter season!

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Here are some useful tips that you can follow to get your toddler through the extreme winter season!

Always dress for the weather-

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Always dress up your toddler appropriately for the outside! Even if it is hot inside, it may be chilly or windy outside which may affect your toddler!

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The best way is to dress them in layers and if you feel its warm outside you can remove the top jacket or shrug to make them comfortable and vice-versa as per the weather you experience outside!

Set a particular Bath Time-

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Always bathe your toddler at a fixed time before noon during the winters because after the noon there is hardly any warmth left in the sun rays and if may result in cold & runny nose! Bathe your toddler with warm water but not too hot because the skin will turn extreme dry with hot water!


Always set the air conditioner or room heater to an optimum temperature so that if your baby is going out for a few hours, it doesn’t affect much. Room temperature & bathroom temperature should be almost same for the baby!

Keep your toddler hydrated enough-


Even if it is winter season, keep your baby hydrated at all times. If they do not drink enough water, make sure to compensate the fluid with natural juices, milk, vegetable soups etc.

Give a healthy Diet to toddlers-

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Always try to give a balanced diet to toddlers throughout the season so as to prevent the harsh winter from attacking your baby’s immunity!

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A healthy diet will prevent them from falling sick every time you are out! It is also essential in the proper growth & development of a toddler!

Take care of Toddler’s Hygiene-

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Always make sure to wash all the toys, teethers, sippers & feeding bottles sterilized. Make sure they wash their hands properly after playing or coming after a playful session at the swings in the park!

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There are thousands of bacteria which might make your toddler fall sick if these things are not taken care of! Wash their clothes properly and use an anti-bacterial cleanser or mix dettol with their clothes while washing. Winter outfits need to be washed very gently & carefully! Always dry your baby clothes outdoors in the sun! Damp clothes attract bacteria present in the air!

Do Not Panic with Mild infections-

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Mild infections should not bother you at all! This is a part of your toddler growing up and developing a self defense mechanism to fight common cold, cough & fever! Let their immune system fight on its own when it is in mild form! I f the problem persists then only take correcting measures! 🙂

I hope you all will agree with all of the above things to keep in mind! So its better to be safe than to be sorry! 🙂

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