Maternity Support Band Review

In my fifth month of pregnancy (around 20-22nd week) I started suffering from extreme back pain.It use to be so severe some time that I needed K’s support to walk to the next room. During that period I got this maternity support  band and have been wearing it off and on. This belt is extremely helpful for those women who suffer from lower back pain and I have heard that some women even wear it after pregnancy too.

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maternity support band reviews

Belt which I bought  from Mom and me store was little lose initially  but as the baby started growing  it adjusted well .These are available in various sizes keeping in mind the shape, weight and height of all the ladies. One doesn’t have to worry about the fitting in these but I would suggest you to buy it from the store rather than ordering it online .

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The one which I got costed INR 900 and I saw most of the belts in similar price range.My maternity belt looks like what is shown in the picture above.It’s soft with a stretch band at its back which is adjustable and gives back support.It gives that “lift” feeling and my body feels more in control after wearing it.

These belts are most helpful in the last trimester where the back support is needed the most. I mostly wear it when I am going for my daily walks or doing exercise – that’s the only time when my back gets stressed the most.

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support belt+Maternity support belt review+Maternity belt India

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Few drawbacks which I found in Maternity Band:-

  • I never liked wearing them under my tops .It made me feel tight and overloaded.
  • I feel like re adjusting it in regular intervals.
  • It’s best to wear it under lose maternity clothes rather than jeans or leggings.

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Also, it is always advisable to ask your doctor which maternity band/belt will suit you the best 🙂

Aah! I can’t believe I entered my 38th week today :D. I am so damn excited 🙂

Have you tried Maternity Support Band? Which one did you use ?


  1. ur wearin this now!? o.. wen i saw it i tho its a belt for post pregnancy flab.. u no they actually tie sarees for the flab to make sure the flab does in after delivery.. check wid ur mom.. its better than any belt coz it rely helps.!! unless ur thin.. then the belt is fine..

  2. this is for back support ..the one u r talking abt is different ..i have sen those in many websites..i wear this when i am going for walk and all ..

    and that cloth thing..u r right ..cotton saris r used to wrap on the stomach area..i m not sure if i will be doing that because its too hot the way is that wrapping thing is suppose to be wrapped whole day?

  3. yes!!! it shud b worn al day atleast for 2months if u want the flab hanging out to go in!! n o i never wore anythin lik this before lik i said i never walked 😛 i wobbled everywhere.. lol..

  4. heheheh..lazy mommie 😛

  5. Bharathi says:

    Hi Anamika,

    Nice article.. Just wanted to know did u followed any diet during ur PCOS treatment to reduce weight? How long did it take for you? Kindly reply…

    • Hi Bharthi,

      i just sticked to healthy food and avoided eating outside.Tried hard not to eat after 8 but i did some time..fruits, sprouts and lots of water were few things which i did concentrate on.

  6. Please please do a post on the treatment you took to achieve pregnancy, I’m still trying to get but not getting lucky!

  7. i would have bought this if i knew there is belt to support pregnant bellies.
    with 5.5kgs net wt of my babies i had severe discomfort in my back.
    this blog really helps “to be moms” immensely.
    keep up the good work Ana.

  8. Revathy says:

    very informative post Ana… i think i wud need this in the future 🙂 i already slight lower back pain 😀

  9. Oh my! I didn’t even kno tis existed!

  10. oh my god this thing is not appealing. During pegnancy I hate wearing anything so fit and tight because they feel as they are not letting me breath properly

  11. Eat healthy food..
    Morning eat mild food.. afternoon.. rice more veggies and fruits.. night eat fruits
    Wrap a dhoti around stomach area

  12. Hi Anamika,
    Did you wear any maternity belt post pregnancy to get rid of the flab?? This is my second pregnancy and I had a very very tough time getting rid of the hanging flab with my first one. I want to be careful this time and use some support post pregnancy. If any of the readers or Ana, if you have used one, kindly suggest.

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