My Weight Loss Before & After PCOS

Weight loss has become a sensitive topic now. Post pregnancy body was expected to stay like that for long long time. I have seen my cousins putting on weight and never coming back to their pre pregnancy weight.It did scare me because accepting your new fat body is so damn difficult.

I still remember opening my wardrobe , packing everything and dumping all my favourite clothes into bed box .That time I thought I won’t be able to wear these clothes back in this life. There was some hope left that was because of my never saying die attitude.

My delivery emotionally drained me out. Handling baby, work and your life is not easy at all. Still I was determined and didn’t give up.I tried and tried hard.Two best things which I did for myself was taking out time for myself even with a hectic work schedule and handling my child all alone during the day. I do have two maids with me and my husband who always wants me to work out and loves me loads. May be that is the thing which always works 🙂

From my pregnancy till now I have lost 12 kgs of weight .I still want to lose more. Around 6-7 kg more which  doesn’t seem impossible to me NOW.

My before picture was taken in December 2012 and picture on the right is taken a week back.So basically in three months I have lost most of my weight.


I have PCOS  and I gain weight easily .Easy in the sense very easily. If I eat a pizza it shows on my face the next day but still it is not impossible to lose weight. Many of us crib about how it is difficult for them to lose weight but thing is to follow the right thing. Most of us just follow the tips which others give us or what we read.There are actually very few people who actually know what to eat and what to do to lose weight or to avoid gaining weight.

I have lot to share but I am summing few basic things which I did to lose weight.

What made me lose weight

1.I followed a diet plan .

2.Have been going to the gym regularly.

3.I cook my food myself although have a cook at home which nowadays having a nice time .

4.I have been strict in terms of my diet.

5.I rarely eat out.

My latest pic.Little hazy but hey ! I lost that weight which I hated so much so I don’t mind sharing it .:)


I am going to share more about my routine, diet, work out etc in the coming days.

Till then stay blessed and ask me questions if you have any 🙂

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  1. Sexy A!! The change is really visible n u so deserve it after all that hard work…

  2. Your diet plan was soo much help Ana.. i envy that flat tummy..Well deserved!!

  3. Vaishnavi says:

    Ana…you are such an inspiration! I cant even begin to tell you…btw I did lose some weight but not significant. If I can do 1/2 of what you have done, I’d be grateful!!

    • you can you can! you just need the right knowledge and determination.there is a point when everything seems to make you fat which is no depressing.

  4. Good one Ana. Thank fully I didnt gain much weight during my pregnancy. I did not go mad about eating all the time nor was hungry all the time. so kept to good diet plan during pregnacy itself as suggested by my doc. it is true that you have to eat well but need not stuff up everything that everyone says. I was back to my pre preg weight in nearly 2 months and now a year later I am slimmer than i used to be.(running behind a todller and full time work has its pros too)

    • you are lucky Vineetha ..I still remember how my pregnancy weight kept on increasing even when i was eating with lot of restriction.It hurts when u can not have that big icecream bowl though u wish to swim in it 😛

  5. ok ANA this is gonna be a long one… I am amazed at the change.. i knew u were working very hard n this is the result of that hard work.U r gonna be an inspiration to many and a fitting reply to people who say ab bachha ho gaya ab figure bhool jai!im proud of u.This feeling is one of the best. Only someone who has been through it will know.U toh ono,zee knows… but il say it loud n clear here.. I was an extra overweight kid with dreams of flying.I was the poster girl for chubby in my childhood and then came boards … again the wt came on.Then lost the wt got into the airline n gaine some of the wt bk due to an injury.Then came the lifechagning decision that i did nt wanna abuse my body anymore.. enter a good diet and workout problem.. cut down on fatty foods alcohol.Its a difficult journey but well worth it na?U look HAWWWWT!my jaw still hasnt come up from the floor!

    • yeyeyeyey! I am so glad i did it although now i want to be super fit ..its not that difficult if one is focused.

      I thought all these air line girls are gifted but it actually is not true.Do send me your plum self will be fun checking u out 😀

      You never told me about your injury.You told zee everything..:(

      • even she doesnt kno abt injury.. i had forgotten… i hurt myself when the weather gt bad n the food trooly hurt me in my tummy… ouch i know

  6. il find it in old laptop… am trying to retrieve it..have to send u loads.. flying pics plumpy pics wedding pics honeymoon pics

  7. Shweta K. says:

    Hey Ana you look great girl:) and I would like to say heartfelt thanks to you for introducing me to Sangeeta. I am following her diet and have lost couple of kgs already.She is wondeful. I am feeling so healthy and good about myself these days.

  8. dr_rashmi says:

    cant find my comments 🙁

  9. dr_rashmi says:

    truly anamika, although i dont you personally, this pic comes as a great pleasure ! You are totally a star ! An inspiration to all ! It always seemed like yummy mummies existed in tabloid only, you proved it wrong !! GREAT WORK ! Makes me feel motivated !

  10. dr_rashmi says:

    *dont know you

  11. i wish she was in mumbai .. Ana anyway that does consultaions over mail?

  12. wow…. great Ana…. the results look amazing….. and you did it the right way too.. thumbs up

  13. chandni says:

    ooo!!!…… u look so sexy… hot hot mom… yes… noticeable changes.. It is so difficult to keep urself focused when it comes to weight loosing.. hats off to u…

    My weight loss plans has been in schedule from Nov 2012. And now it is March 2013. And hell, my schedule has not yet started… 🙁

  14. Hey Ana….kya bolun…sexy yummy mummy….omg….I m marvelling at the transition…u inspire me babe…u really do….
    Pays hai I was 52kg wen I got married…became 62 in 4 four years thx to pcos , uterine fibroid and thyroid.was 64 just wen I conceived and was 75 just before delivery…
    And now after 1 year I m 60 kgs..
    I know still a long way to go but feels Gud to hav lost 15 kg…but u hav certainly done it better and faster than me Ana…what took u just 8 months .,took me 12 mounths…
    I still wana lose atleast 5 more kgs…and want to come to size medium from large…..
    Looking from more info and more inspiration from you and all other friends

  15. And one more thing can u plz send me the link for sangeeta khanna blog on what’s app…I just can’t seem to find her online.thxop

  16. tanveer says:

    Congrats Anks! You look really awesome! Keep up the good work 😀

  17. You know Ana, you are a Godsend…. I had just given up on the GM diet the day Tanz posted abt her journey… it inspired me so much and then I took up that challenge. Followed it religiously for a fortnight with no change. gave in to temptation sometimes and yet there was no change. This morning, in sheer frustration, I gave up the diet. And then u posted this. Definitely a sign that I should not give up… thank you 🙂

  18. Hats off to you woman 🙂

    Preeti Kaur recently posted.. Benefits of Argan Oil

  19. Arpita Deshpande says:

    Anamika chubby or tthin,…u look gorgeous any which ways !!!

  20. Meenakshi says:

    Haaa Ana…I just envy your flat tummy…too sexy!

    Wenever I read such posts from you, I get loads of inspiration.Seriously I am going to follow a strict plan now to reduce my weight.Though I have already came back to my pre pregnancy weight of 55 kgs I still want to reduce..get fit into ‘S’ size dresses..this post has now motivated me..

    I have reduced my weight.But my tummy seems to be still bulging out which looks ugly..I so want to reduce the tummy fat..I have already sent you an email with the query..your advice and inputs please..

    • Hi Meenakshi, I don have a flat tummy..its just that i don gain much weight on my stomach area..and u want to get into small size..i envy you because many medium size dont fit me.

  21. My comments never get a reply..

  22. Let us know about your diet plan in detail plz

  23. Wow hats off to you Ana! you inspire me..i don’t have a kid rite now LOL but still not able to shed the extra weight i put on after marriage..i blame on me being lazy these have inspired me! m def gonna start taking care of my self..especially the diet part..i m too lazy to prepare anything for me n always end up eating rice since my hubby needs rice every night 🙁 btw i read your post on diet sounds super healthy with all paneer n parathas! yum! i have known sangeeta since my blogging days..didnt know she started personalized diet plans! must talk to her 🙂 I wanted to ask you about jeera you boil the jeera in water n then strain n drink it or soak jeera over night n strain??

  24. truly commendable Anamika!

  25. Navneet Thethi says:

    OMG!!!! how did I missed this post???
    Hats Off to u Ana…
    U r a great inspiration for me .
    I havnt lost my wght even after 7years…
    U looking just just Awesome n fabulous. Muaaaaaahhh!!!!!
    Touch wood n keep it up !

  26. Hi Anamika,
    I am awed looking at your weight loss. I am also mother of a 9 month baby. It feels great to see that its possible to go back to old self even after baby. I have not yet started exercise as heard it might impact milk supply. Wanted to check with you if its correct. Can you please let me know if you faced any issue regarding lactation because of your work out routine.


  27. yes! it has affected my lactation a bit .

  28. hey sorry, am a bit late to comment but girl ………… have done it.
    i truly admire you to wear so many feathers in your cap and do justice with all of them .
    you are looking gorgeus

  29. nidhi tiwary says:

    hey anamika…its really inspiring…coz m suffering with the same issue…but now i think after my delivery even i’ll b able to back in shape and flaunt my sexy outfits!!! 😉

  30. Inspiring Ana! 🙂
    Could you please share the diet plan. I have a six month old baby boy, had a C sec and wanna lose the extra fat on my tummy. Please help.

    • Kiran after this my weight stalled so i am not following this diet plan any more..Have switched to another one :).I will keep updating the space for info 🙂

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