OK Play Joy Links – 3D Puzzle Review – Keeping Toddlers Occupied

OK Play Joy Links – 3D Puzzle Review – Keeping Toddlers Occupied

Hello Everyone!

So how are your little angels doing these days?

Mine is growing fast and remains busy with her activities all the time which keep her occupied!

Today, I will share a unique toy set which is very engaging for little kids and most of their time & energy is used in a constructive manner!

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About OK Play Joy Links – 3D Puzzle-

An assortment of soft and attractive square, round, triangular and teddy links that can be interconnected to make a vast number of wonderful combinations. Kids have hours of fun making shapes. Acts as an aid in teaching the child shapes and colors. A set of 14 assorted pieces which assemble to form an exclusive train complete with 2 passengers. A 3-D puzzle which is easy and interesting for the child to put together & form a link. Individual pieces are smooth and large making it easy for little hands too.

Product Features

  • Helps in promoting creativity and co-ordination.
  • Keeps the child happily occupied for hours.
  • Gives loads of playing fun.
  • Apt for age group of 12-24 months.

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Price– INR 540

My Experience with OK Play Joy Links – 3D Puzzle

Talking about this toy set, I find it innovative as it makes the child learn how to construct links. More than a puzzle children like to go on building a similar pattern, as it is really easy for them.

These links are made of plastic material which is slightly hard plastic as it is very it difficult to attach two links together. I tried and it took me lot of force to put them together so I don’t expect a toddler to exert so much pressure in building the links.

Due to this big drawback this toy set is not used for building links anymore, as it is really difficult. Instead of keeping it inside I use it during my daughter’s bathing time to play color- color game, yes she calls that only! :-p

The bright & bold colors of these links are really alluring to the eyes of toddlers. My daughter loves to play with these while bathing.

These colorful links are used in the bathtub for color identification and that is why you may see water droplets on the toys in the pictures below.

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In my opinion the basic link building task is the real problem with this toy set, due to its hard plastic material, otherwise it would have been a useful set for keeping toddlers occupied.

What I like about OK Play Joy Links – 3D Puzzle-

  • Bright & bold colors
  • Unique link shapes which can be linked from any side
  • Constructive & engaging activity for toddlers
  • Economically priced

What I don’t like about OK Play Joy Links – 3D Puzzle

  • Plastic material is very hard.
  • Toddlers can’t build links with such hard plastic.

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2/5 ( for the hard plastic material due to which little kids can’t build links)

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