Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap Review

Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap Review

Claims about Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap:

Mild & gentle on baby’s skin. Contains natural extracts of Chamomilla, Rosehip and Olive oil. The fragrance free and pH balanced liquid soap cleanses and moisturizes baby’s delicate skin. Suitable from birth.

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How To Use Liquid Soap For Babies:-

Wet baby’s body. Apply liquid soap. Lather and rinse off thoroughly.

  • Price: Rs.185 for 200 ml.

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Experience with Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap:-


My daughter has very sensitive skin even today. She is 18 months old now.

From day one up to about one month, my mother made her bath in milk and water. No soap was used. Later on I thought of introducing baby products on her. But she used to develop rashes on her entire body with slightest usage of any baby product. Fragrance in the baby products is a major culprit. I was in search of a complete fragrance free product. This is when I thought of trying Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap.


Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap ingredients


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A good decision I made in buying this product.

Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap has no fragrance, absolutely no smell. It is as same as water. The lathering capacity is so low, that it hardly creates any foam. This liquid soap is very thin and runny. Thus, the brand claims that the product is suitable from birth. It is as if clear water like liquid is being used on the baby’s body for washing.


Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap



I love the way Pigeon makes their products, very mild and free of all unwanted stuffs. This soap has not created any problem on my daughter’s skin. And amazing fact is that it does not burn the eyes. No tears formula is a must for infant bath products.

Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap is packed in a semi transparent white colored mango shaped bottle. The mouth of the bottle has a white screw cap which can be pressed from top to make a small opening for the product to ooze out. Tilting of the bottle has to be done very carefully since the product is very runny.

I vote Pigeon products.

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Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap for babies


  • Rate: 4.5/5

What I like about Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap:-


  • –          Very mild product.
  • –          No fragrance.
  • –          Lathers very little.
  • –          Perfect wash product for babies.
  • –          Suitable for new born babies too.
  • –          Easy handling bottle package.


What I did not like about Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap:-


  • –          Very runny. A little difficult to handle.


Have you tried Pigeon Baby Liquid Soap ?


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  1. I use chicco soap on my baby every day and also apply bread and milk paste ..i am going to introduce liquid soaps once she starts sitting 🙂

  2. milk paste might do wonders on baby’s skin…

  3. till now i am not complaining ..i will be following the break and milk thing for a year or till she let me do that..:)

  4. whats this milk and bread thing ana??

    • Hi Anu,

      i take a white bread and dip it in milk.make a paste and apply it on my daughter.when i apply it i let it dry for a while and then massage it on same like gram flour paste which people use.

  5. This seems nice for sensitive skin. I am searching for baby oil because my son has really sensitive skin and mothercare oil is not suiting. Plz help.

  6. Hi , my daughter is 3+ she is a fuccy eater so I can not manage the time , please help me what I have to give so that she feel happy , healthy ..


  7. Pigeon Liquid Cleanser is by far a safer option than dish washing detergent, which may harm your baby. Completely biodegradable, it is made from 100 per cent food grade ingredients, as well as edible derivatives normally used as food additives for chocolate and ice cream. it is safe and effective for cleaning baby accessories, such as bottles, nipples, pacifiers and toys, and is even suitable for washing fruit and vegetables.
    Now this is available in India through online store safetykart. Please for more detail log in with

  8. hi my dotr she is one month old and her skin is so to use pegion baby liquid and is there any effect for using this?

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