Plan Toys Water Blocks |Toddlers Blocks Review

Plan Toys Water Blocks |Toddlers Blocks Review

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It seems just yesterday that my little angel was so tiny in my arms and today I see her all growing up in matter of time and learning many new things as the days pass! Well, here is a review of an interesting block toys which is the latest fancy for my daughter and I just love to see her engaged with it! Let me give a breif overview of the toy-

About Plan Toys Water Blocks |Toddlers Blocks-

Plan Toys Water Blocks are an innovative set of toys for toddlers above 3 years of age who are in the process of recognizing  learning new things. The hand & eye co-ordination is developed in these kids and the elementary level of identifying objects & understanding things is there in this age.

These water blocks as the name suggests have an acrylic coating and is placed in side a wooden hollow which is filled with different colors of red yellow & blue (primary colors).

water blocks plan toys revews toddlers

The basic motive behind the manufacture of such kind of blocks is to enable the color co-ordination & mixing color n kids. This will make them understand the different colors and the combination colors which result when two blocks of different colors are placed on one another.


  • Consists Of Six Hardwood And Acrylic Blocks Filled With Red, Blue Or Yellow Water
  • Hold Blocks Together To Learn About Color Mixing
  • Explore The Properties Of Liquids And Balance While Building
  • Unit Block Size So These Are A Perfect Addition To Any Unit Block Set

toddlers blocks water

How is it helpful for toddlers-

These water blocks are great fancy toy items for toddlers as they get to see different eye catching colors. Some kids just use it as a normal block toy while other build imaginations and use to view things through the different colors.

Some kids are sharp enough to be able to identify the new color produced with the overlapping of the blocks.

plan toys water toddlers 2+

This toy is really helpful in building creative imagination in toddlers.

Children also develop little imagination & understanding regarding the property of liquids with the colored water filled in the blocks.

My daughter enjoys playing with these blocks and gets amazed with the different colors. She sometimes use it to view things in the room or just outside the window! She is 2+ and still needs to figure out more ways to play with these water blocks and I am waiting for that eagerly!

What I like about Plan Toys Water Blocks |Toddlers Blocks-

  • Attractive bright colored water
  • Wooden blocks are safe for kids
  • Useful in color identification
  • Enable imaginative thinking

blocks reveiws toys water

What I don’t like about Plan Toys Water Blocks |Toddlers Blocks-

  • Due to manufacture defects or non-durability, acrylic may break if fallen by mistake spilling the colored liquid.

Rating– 4/5

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  1. this sounds interesting. but definitely a short life toy for my daughter. She is sure to break it off.

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