Reading Books For Babies And Toddlers

Reading Books For Babies And Toddlers


Isn’t it the most amusing site to see your tiny tot trying to read your fashion magazine or a heavy duty book which they can barely hold in their teeny tiny hands. Reading is one trait which should be inculcated as early as possible. The sooner the better. It is an important skill for future learning and development.

Parents should be careful about choosing the right books for their toddlers. It’s essential to understand what are the suitable books but also your child’s interest and longing.


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Appropriate Content, Language, Design and Description are all important factors that go in making a fine book and your selection.

Simple Measures to keep in mind to ensure kids would love their Reading Time:-

  • Board Books are a winner with these little people. Their new found independence enables them to flip the pages, pull the tabs on their own. It’s a big thrill when they can turn the image and an image is opened for them to gaze at. You may get a similar book here.

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  • Books with fold out pages creating colourful panels, Soft Fabric or Vinyl books, books with handles etc all add to the creativity that the child is also brimming with and these kind of books tackle their hyper activity to a large extent.
  • Picture books in bright colours is very appealing. One picture per page makes them more focused and captures their interest. It also allows the kids to interact with the book. You may get a similar book from flipkart here.

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  • Sound Books are also a good buy for these toddlers. If it rhymes and pleasing to the ears they would want to hear it again and again. Nursery Rhymes that they are taught in school should be picked up for home, they would definitely want to listen to them and a routine also can be formed.
  • Toddlers also love to bond with all the family members. Look out for books that have simple stories about Mother, Father, Grandfather, Grandmother etc.
  • Choosing Books similar to their current environment helps them get familiarized easily and boosts their self – confidence.
  • Point your finger at something specific and familiar and ask the baby a question – “what is that”? Wait patiently for an answer, if the baby does not answer then give the response and maybe ask again to help the baby memorize. It’s imperative to get them curious so asking questions repeatedly would arouse it naturally.You may get a similar book here.

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  • Very essential is also to instil confidence in them especially when they are in the curious toddler stage. They shall make many mistakes yet each time one has to patiently correct them without getting perturbed. Maybe giving them examples with stuff that is familiar will lessen it in the future.
  • Equally important is to reward them when their answer is correct. Even a big smile and “Well Done or Good Job”  makes the kids euphoric and they want to try and test waters again.
  • It might also be a good idea to keep two books handy at any given time. Their attention spans is less and they may get bored quickly. Having more than one can shift the interest to the other book yet the focus on reading stays. As your child gets more engrossed and learns to explore books you can monitor them more effectively.

Is your baby fond of books?

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  1. I always clap when my daughter answers so now she has got this habit of clapping for herself for anything which she do 😛

    • Payal Shankar says:

      Constant Reassurance plays a great role in their development and boosts self confidence.
      My husband and i used to clap so much and so often that my son who is 4 now, his favorite song still remains “If you are Happy and you know it Clap your Hands!! 🙂

  2. My baby who is going to turn 11 months in a few days loves his board books….He wants to see the cow and has even learnt it’s pronunciation…

  3. Chandani says:

    your baby is so engrossed…!!! what concetration. :D.
    gone are those days for me.. 😛

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