What To Feed Your 9 Month Old Toddler

What To Feed Your 9 Month Old Toddler   Feeding your baby semi solid foods had already started however once your baby turns 9 months, we are ready to get more adventurous with our toddler. If feeding your baby pureed or mashed food has been a success then the next step is going to be easy and effortless. It’s more of a shift to more regularised and larger portions. Since my baby had started eating as early as 4 months, I feel by the time he turned 9 months he was only too happy to try … [Read more...]

Diet/Food Chart For 6-8 Months Old Infant

  Diet/food chart for 6-8 months old infant Your baby has touched the 6 month mark…you are soooper excited to introduce the solid food to his taste buds, and whoosh! All your excitement drops down to zero because you realize that what you thought would be a cake walk is actually not that easy. But don’t you worry…we all sail the same boat and touch our shores happily and comfortably. So, fasten your belt and get ready to clean the bigger mess and tolerate the bigger fuss!! Well, the … [Read more...]