How To Feed And Sooth New Born Babies

How To Feed And Sooth New Born Babies Recently, one of my friend delivered a beautiful baby girl and she was all struggling to get along with her new born as she is single handedly raising her child being away from parents with husband supporting only when he gets some time after office hours! Initially she was very confused and unhappy as to why her new born was always feeling uncomfortable and on top of that the little one was a little sick for a while due to extreme cold! So, drawing from … [Read more...]

9 Things To Know About Newborns

9 Things To Know About Newborns   You are not supposed to know everything about your infant as soon as they are born. It takes time but many unpredictable and totally new events keep popping up. These things can make any first-time mother get scared or frustrated. But in reality there is no need to worry about minor things.     Here are some common things that worry new moms- Babies look 'different' Do not expect your baby to look instantly like that cute one in … [Read more...]