9 Cute Baby Shoes (0 to 13 Months)

My Daughters Shoe Collection (0-13mts) One of the physical attributes of our babies which we 'ooh' and 'ahh' over are their tiny hands and legs.. We go bonkers over any possible accessories and if like me, you too have a daughter then well, the options are endless. My daughter is now 13mts and while she always took easily to headbands and clips and bracelets (she can wear them all day), she refuses to wear shoes. . read right..she hates shoes. No matter what i do she refuses to … [Read more...]

10 Interesting Short Hairstyles For Your Kid

10 Interesting Short Hairstyles for Your Kid  It is not at all an easy job to manage your kid’s hair. As a child, I have had trouble in the initial school years, but mom finally came around to having my hair cut short so that it can be managed. Even today, regular people as well as celebrities prefer having their hair short and stylized through various haircuts. Read on to learn more about hairdos and haircuts to pick the one that will suit your child. These hairstyles have been segregated into … [Read more...]

First Multicoloured Benetton Jumpsuit From Shweta

Hello everyone! Thanks for the sweet wishes which were sent to Anvika. Although the party is still on and it is turning out to be kind of a birthday week for her.I must say that I am enjoying Wise She baby blog a lot and I wish to pay more attention to it in the coming time. It's something which I think all the readers of this blog have been wishing too. Coming to this week's dress. This was sent to Anvika by Shweta and its the first time she wore a jumpsuit. Although she has tried rompers … [Read more...]