Moong-Dal Chilla Recipe for Babies (12 months+)

Moong-Dal Chilla Recipe for Babies (12 months+) I started giving my daughter cheelaa once she turned 1yr old. I know many moms start way earlier but i was kinda neurotic about her not having teeth (she cut her 1st tooth late) and choking hazards.. i started off with Besan (gram flour) chillas and then Moong dal chilla and both are a huge hit. So thought to share the recipe of this super simple breakfast or snack for your toddler. Ingredients: 1 small bowl of yellow moong dal (without the … [Read more...]

5 Best Carrot Recipes for Babies/Toddlers/Kids

Carrots are the best of all vegetables because they go well with any kind of recipes. They mix seamlessly with anything added along. And the taste always turns out to be delicious, for babies and mothers too. Carrots should be introduced without fail in baby's diet for they are rich in Vitamin A. Be it soups, milk shake, porridge, as a boiled finger food, or simply smashed and salted; there are many ways you can give carrots to your baby. Here are few of the carrot recipes covered so … [Read more...]

6 Calcium Rich Foods For Babies

Ensuring healthy food for our little ones is our job. In our constant effort of giving the best to our children, we keep searching for more and more better things around us. Today I have a list of plant foods that have been tested and tried on babies by our older generation. It is time we introduce too. Almonds Almonds are high in B vitamins and in minerals. They are essential for growing bones and brain, good for heart, maintenance of hair and skin. Almond drink is the most common drink … [Read more...]

Oats Recipes For Babies (12 Months And Above)

  I have grown up eating oats and it was more of a diet  staple .We were served plain oats with milk and I remember how I  use to get bored of them. (I think my mother did not know how to make it interesting. :-P).Still my mom was very particular about it  and insisted us to have it. Since I was introduced to oats, I feel it is best to introduce oats to my child too.Oats/oatmeal has very high nutrition and so I consider it to be must include in baby’s diet chart. Oats in its … [Read more...]